Sybase Unveils New Integration Tools

BPI 2.1 is Sybase's first release since it acquired New Era of Networks.

Sybase Inc. has rolled out a new version of a product it acquired with New Era of Networks. Business Process Integrator (BPI) 2.1 is its first release since the acquisition and offers new features to aid integration.

BPI is a server-side set of connectors for bridging applications in the enterprise. Sybase bills it as a means to build business processes linking information between applications, legacy systems and business partners.

One of the most notable new features is BPI's support for Web services standards such as SOAP. The software can take legacy applications and offer them on the network as HTTP services, opening the door to new kinds of integration.

To integrate systems, users don't need to learn a scripting language. Instead, BPI uses a GUI interface to help users create business processes. Joe Santos, senior product marketing manager at Sybase says, "We have metadata-reading capabilities that put that [customization] right on the broker."

Santos believes that BPI is an ideal solution for many businesses interested in integrating systems with a partner. "You need a strong layer of integration, and we provide that," he says.