CA Introduces Security Software

Integrates With Card-Readers

Computer Associates International Inc’s (CA) new security software detects unusual network behavior by monitoring behavior across the network and compares it against historical data. eTrust 20/20 differs from other security software, which often relies on attack signatures to detect security problems.

eTrust 20/20 keeps a log of network activity, watching for unusual behavior. If a security breach occurs, administrators can also use the log for an “instant replay” of network activity to pinpoint where the break-in occurs. The documentation may prove to be an important tool in investigating security breaches.

eTrust’s visual interface highlights abnormal behavior to give administrators insight into security issues. The log can also import existing security data to help develop a sense of a steady state for the network.

The software also gives enterprises the opportunity to integrate existing security systems – both online and off – into eTrust 20/20. Card readers and door monitors can be tied into the software’s monitoring and archiving mechanism.

About the Author

Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.