WRQ Updates Verastream

New product released for connecting Siebel installations to legacy systems.

Bridging the gap between old-school legacy applications and host business intelligence applications may seem like speaking German to a hamster, but WRQ Inc. has a long history of connecting new and old technologies. In February, it released a suite of new products, including a new product for connecting Siebel installations to legacy systems.

WRQ released new updates to its Verastream messaging platform, which enables applications running on different platforms to trade information. The middleware suite includes updates to Verastream Host Integrator, Verastream Integration Broker and Verastream for Siebel eBusiness Applications.

Verastream for Siebel eBusiness Applications enables enterprises to connect legacy systems to the Siebel EAI Framework. The product uses Siebel's interface to manage business logic, reducing the need to write for the legacy system.

Verastream Integration Broker 9.0 updates the central repository of business data and messaging broker for the Verastream platform. One of the flashiest new features in the release is its support for the JMS (Java Messaging Service), the J2EE system for exchanging data on J2EE application servers.

Finally, Verastream Host Integrator 4.5 introduces new features that improve stability through fail-over and scalability; deepen support for the HP3000; and create business components from legacy applications.