BMC Web-ifies Management Console

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Management framework vendor BMC Software Inc. delivered a version of its Central Alerts management portal to bring functionality to Web browsers. Patrol Central Alerts – Web Edition connects to Patrol Enterprise Manager to give administrators a view of network health through a browser window.

Patrol Enterprise Manager collects information from devices throughout the enterprise and aggregates the data to show administrators how systems are performing. “We’re like a dustbin for information,” says Mark Brown, director of product management at BMC. A portal view, like the one provided by Central Alerts, allows administrators to analyze data and check up on important systems.

Central Alerts – Web Edition brings web-based functionality, so administrators can check up on systems without needing a console installed locally on a machine. Through the Web interface, administrators can check up on the network from any Internet-connected machine. Brown says this is BMC’s first release of a product that brings most of the functionality to the Web.

Users can expect much of the functionality of Central Alerts in Central Alerts – Web Edition. Much of the customization by users can be imported into the Web version, allowing for an easy transition between the two products.

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Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.