CA Updates IMS Tool

IMS Gets Some Love

Computer Associates International, Inc. announced version 4.3 of its Unicenter Database Mangement Solutions for IMS – I tools for managing and maintaining IMS databases on both OS/390 and z/OS - yesterday.

Unicenter Database Mangement Solutions for IMS consists of three products, each targeted at a specific database concern.

Unicenter Database Performance Management suite for IMS is designed to improve database performance by presenting information to administrators. It offers information analysis and bottleneck detection features, giving administrators a view into potential performance problems. New features in the release include online reorganization of databases, new reporting systems, self-tuning reloads.

Unicenter Database Backup and Recovery suite for IMS is CA’s data protection offering for IMS. The new version offers point-in-time recovery, allowing administrators to roll back databases to a stable instance. A new product in the suite, Unicenter Change Accumulation aggregates IMS logs to give administrators a single view into the database’s history.

Finally, Unicenter Database Adminstration suite for IMS is a set of tools for IMS DBAs. CA says it added automatic index rebuilding and HDSORT file pre-processing.

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Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.