Dirig Offers WebSphere MQ Management

Tailored to the Server

System management software vendor Dirig Software Inc. has released a tool designed specifically to monitor and manage WebSphere MQ (formerly MQSeries) servers.

WebSphere MQ SAM is the latest in Dirig’s line of Specific Application Manager (SAM) products. SAMs are a component of Dirig’s management suite, which consists of specialized agents running on a server, a management server, and SAMs, preset thresholds and alerts tailored to a specific application.

Dirig’s products monitor servers at a low level, watching out for processor utilization, software conflicts, protocol stacks, and the like. Dirig offers a variety of agents, each dedicated to monitoring a different aspect of system performance. The agents spit this data to a management server, which relies on SAMs to interpret the raw data to determine how conditions affect application performance.

Administrators can access information through a browser; the management server offers Web pages with diagrams for a view into system performance. WebSphere MQ SAM can also plug into enterprise management frameworks like Tivoli and OpenView.

Dirig offers SAMs for a number of other middleware platforms, including WebSphere Application Server, SunONE Application Server, and WebLogic. Dirig also supports products like DB2, the Apache Web server, and Lotus Domino.

About the Author

Chris McConnell is Product and Technology Editor for Enterprise Systems.