Compuware Enhances Performance Analysis Tools

Enhancements make it easier to detect problems in application performance.

In June, mainframe utilities vendor Compuware Corp. announced updates to its application performance analysis tools, Strobe 2.5 and iStrobe. The enhancements make it easier to detect problems in application performance.

Strobe 2.5 offers the ability to automatically detect performance issues, says Bruce Klenk, Strobe product manager at Compuware. Older versions required administrators to seek out areas for optimization, but the latest version of Strobe can run in the background, detecting problems as they occur.

Rather than focusing on problems with hardware or the OS, Strobe looks at how application components interact with the rest of the system. For example, it can detect a SQL statement that takes an inordinate amount of time to complete or procedural calls that take too long to finish.

iStrobe is Compuware's browser-based analysis engine for performance tuning. It reads an XML file containing performance bottleneck data and presents the information in a way easily read by a user. Klenk says the alternative to using iStrobe is analyzing printed sheets of mainframe data.

Both Strobe 2.5 and iStrobe are generally available today.