Fujitsu Looks to Ensure Network Security with a KVM Switch

New switch provides hardware firewall for small workgroups.

Fujitsu Components America has released a new KVM switch that allows companies to deploy an isolated environment of four LAN-connected PCs from a single Internet-exposed PC. The offering is designed to prevent virus infection and block hacker attacks in a setting where a high level of security is necessary for a small workgroup.

The SERVIS Secure KVM switch, which is being positioned for small-to-medium sized businesses, allows four users to share read-only access to one external LAN-connected PC. It can also be used to switch between software development and other users' machines, as well as in-house network machines.

With this switch, one unit facilitates switching between four private-use, dedicated PCs and one shared-use PC. It features a dedicated microprocessor for each PC.

"This is not your normal KVM switch," says Bruce DeVisser, product marketing manager for input devices at Fujitsu. "It doesn't perform the normal functions of a KVM switch."

According to DeVisser, the company envisions the SERVIS Secure switch being used in a setting where a shared-use PC is connected to the Internet in a secured location, and the four LAN-connected PCs use that machine to get Internet access. "In that manner, you've got a strict hardware firewall that prevents users from uploading and downloading things from the Internet," he says.

The SERVIS Secure switch is based on technology already available in Japan. DeVisser says the device was very successful in the Japanese market, which is why Fujitsu in now bringing it to the United States. So far, Fujitsu has one American customer using the switch.

DeVisser says he expects the switch will appeal to the telecommunications sector, the software development field, and companies that deal with the government. "Any business that has a hard requirement to isolate—by some sort of impregnable firewall—between one LAN and another LAN or wide area network [will be interested in this technology]."

A maximum of eight users can be connected to the SERVIS Secure switch, as the device supports two-unit cascading. Switches are initiated by keyboard or mouse commands. Tapping the Scroll Lock key twice performs the switching function.

SERVIS Secure is compatible with personal computers and workstations with PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports, and supports 200MHz multi-sync monitors (VGA through UXGA) with up to 1600 x 1200 dot-per-inch resolution.

Available immediately to OEMs, resellers and large-volume purchasers, SERVIS Secure is priced at $785.00 MSRP in single-piece quantities. SERVIS intelligent KVM switches are available in different configurations for PCs, Sun and Mac machines.

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