Zeosoft Enhances Server Software for Secure Handheld Messaging

New release offers security features for transmitting sensitive data over mobile networks

Mobile solutions provider Zeosoft recently updated its ZeoSphere software suite with a series of new features that propose to bring the same level of security and bulletproofing capabilities as today’s leading enterprise-class servers to handheld environments. The new release, ZeoSphere 1.5, is an on-demand mobile server for running, deploying, and managing enterprise applications and data over networks of handheld devices.

Regarding security specifically, ZeoSphere is designed to allow enterprises to deploy secure pier-to-pier messaging as an alternative to traditional instant messaging solutions, filling a need that has been brought to light as the demand for transmitting sensitive data via mobile messaging has grown. The solution supports digital certificates, SSL-based data encryption, access control, and role-based authentication.

According to Mike Huestis, president and CTO for Zeosoft, ZeoSphere is a good fit in “any environment where you want to tie down data and tie down applications so they can’t be accessed by unauthorized individuals.” Furthermore, he says, the offering includes functionality that allows administrators to track and destroy sensitive data on lost or stolen devices.

Huestis describes ZeoSphere as a way for organizations to transition away from the traditional method of integrating multiple point solutions from different vendors to a single environment that can be deployed over a handheld network. He says, “The Solution goes beyond offerings that rely on a centralized architecture inadequate for deploying a robust mobility strategy.”

Initial customer interest for ZeoSphere has been strong in a number of vertical markets, including distributed inventory management in supply chains, field force automation, and field operations in security surveillance. Huestis says a key benefit of ZeoSphere in these markets is that it lowers total cost of ownership for the development and deployment of wireless strategies by enabling a standards-based environment that reduces the need for integration, maintenance, and overhead.

The complete software suite consists of a mobile application server and developer and administrative toolsets. Zeosoft offers additional components that integrate with ZeoSphere 1.5, including a connector to J2EE compliant application servers, an integrated rules and inference engine, and enterprise decision flow products. The server resides directly on mobile devices for direct device-to-device queries and application requests.

ZeoSphere Enterprise Edition is an application development, deployment, and management environment. It is a component-based platform built on J2EE and CORBA distributed object technology. ZeoSphere Developer Edition is an application development environment designed to help developers build, test, and fine-tune mobility applications.

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