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Updated Heroix eQ Management, Jacada Integrator suites; HP slashes server prices

Heriox Updates eQ Management Suite

Heriox Corporation announced an update to its Heroix eQ Management suite, its multi-platform monitoring and management software. The suite includes an updated Solution Studio, offering a graphical user interface for monitoring and managing applications and underlying infrastructure.

The suite offers a new Web Reporting portal that consolidates reports and graphs from multiple monitored resources, and an interactive Web Event Monitor that can now be updated manually with actions that occur outside of Heroix eQ. The Suite's new trend alerts can regularly and automatically analyze CPU, memory, and disk data to project resource utilization.

Heroix eQ 2.0 now supports Veritas NetBackup, Apache 2.0, Oracle 9i, Windows Server 2003, and CIM 7. The suite operates on Unix, Linux, Windows Server, and OpenVMS. For more information:

Jacada Enhances Host Integration Platform

Jacada Ltd., a provider of host integration and Web-to-host solutions, announced version 3.8 of its Jacada Integrator suite, featuring new connectors that support CICS and IMS transactions, Unisys host applications, and a variety of different Web-based systems.

Jacada also announced a change to the naming convention of its Jacada Integrator product, which has been rechristened Jacada Integrator Host Screen Connector. This product provides non-intrusive (screen-based) and direct transaction support for integrating host systems. It also includes capabilities for real-time integration to existing host environments through support for 3270, 5250, and VT (Telnet) interfaces.

Also new is support for Unisys’ UTS Protocol, so Jacada Integrator Host Screen Connector can now aggregate functionality from disparate host applications, including Unisys, IBM zSeries mainframe, IBM iSeries midrange, DEC/VAX, Data General, and UNIX.

The Jacada Integrator Host Transaction Connector is a new connector that provides direct access to both CICS and IMS mainframe transactions. It provides developers with access to CICS and IMS mainframe transactions in a secure, scalable, and non-intrusive manner that is indifferent to presentation logic—such as 3270 data streams or other screen-based protocols. The product transforms CICS and IMS transactions into services that can be deployed natively in a J2EE environment as JCA resource adapters or as Enterprise Java Beans, XML, Web services, or .NET components.

Finally, Jacada Integrator Web Page Connector provides non-intrusive integration to Web-based applications, in some cases without any modifications on the part of Web developers. Jacada Integrator Web Page Connector leverages an application's HTML-based user interface to encapsulate the processes and data into services, which can then be integrated with new or existing applications. Jacada Integrator Web Page Connector can deploy services in both J2EE and .NET environments.

HP Slashes Server Prices

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) last week slashed prices of its HP 9000 midrange Unix servers by approximately 20 percent.

Affected systems include HP’s eight-way rp4705 and rp7410 systems, along with the 16-way rp8400 server. The company says its price adjustments reduce CPU, memory, and support pricing by as much as 18 to 25 percent.

HP also announced new no-charge custom services that provide midrange Unix customers with free factory configuration services, including partitioning, custom component installation, and custom software system load.

HP says that its new custom configuration services can provide customers with accelerated deployments while reducing TCO.

The price cuts went into effect April 1 in North America and Europe, HP confirms. As of yesterday, they were implemented in the Asia-Pacific region as well.

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