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Security toolkit for developers; MailFoundry appliance filters e-mail

Prime Factors STK Toolkit Version 7.2

Prime Factors Inc., an information security and data encryption software provider, released STK Toolkit version 7.2, which runs on mainframes, AS/400s, HP9000s, Suns, RS/6000s, and PCs running Windows or Linux. STK, part of Prime Factors’ STK Library, allows programmers to call security routines from C, C++, Java, RPG, COBOL, Visual BASIC, and other high level languages.

The various encryption and authentication routines allow programmers to incorporate state-of-the-art security features into their applications. The STK Toolkit allows users to encrypt data using three strong encryption algorithms: 56-bit DES, 112-bit Triple DES, and 256-bit AES. Authentication routines support 64-bit triple DES based X9.19 Message Authentication Codes (MACs) and 160-bit X9.71 HMACs based on the SHA-1 hashing routine.

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Solinus Releases E-Mail Filtering and Security Appliance

Solinus Inc. released the MailFoundry E-mail Filtering Appliance, running Sun server technology, which allows IT managers to block unwanted e-mail, viruses and hacker attacks before they broach the network. The appliance, says MailFoundry, will block over 97 percent of incoming spam while letting legitimate e-mails through. "Each MailFoundry server is updated every 10 minutes with the latest anti-SPAM and anti-VIRUS filters ensuring the best protection from the e-mail threat,” says David Troup, CEO of Solinus.

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