New Sitekeeper 3.0 Release Helps Solve Mid Level Security Flaps

Sitekeeper Eases Pain of Security Patch Deployment

Burbank, CA, September 25, 2003 —- Executive Software® is now shipping new Sitekeeper® 3.0 software, which brings relief to the mid-level business market faced with handling the most recent round of security patches. This simple and easy-to-use system management software enables system administrators to deploy security patches to needed Windows® machines quickly.

According to Sitekeeper Product Manager, George Goodrich, “The blizzard of security patches is overwhelming those organizations that have been limping along with manual systems management using spreadsheets and foot power. The solution is to quickly implement systems management software that is so easy to use they can be up and running immediately. Only Sitekeeper meets that need.”

While many IT managers are faced with the grueling task of devising security policy, they still have to handle the ceaseless flow of security patches. Sitekeeper makes this easy and can save the smaller to mid size business hours and hours of labor.

With an easy to use interface, Sitekeeper 3.0 enables most users to install and start managing their networked systems in just minutes. New powerful “Set It and Forget It” task management enables system administrators to schedule, launch and manage hundreds of tasks from deploying the latest security patches and removing unlicensed software to running regular inventory scans.

Sitekeeper 3.0 combines hardware/software inventory, license tracking / management and software deployment functionality behind a highly intuitive and easy-to-use interface. New “Quick Filters” enable system administrators to zero in on the exact data they’re looking for with a couple of mouse clicks. Modular functionality enables companies to purchase just what they need.

Sitekeeper 3.0 trialware and pricing information is available from the Executive Software web site at:

About Executive Software

Founded in 1981, Executive Software specializes in “focused development of system management tools”™ for the enterprise. In addition, the company is the world leader in system performance/defragmentation software for Windows NT®, Windows® 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and OpenVMS operating systems, producing over 96 percent of the network defragmenters used in the corporate market. Executive Software is located at 7590 North Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504. Phone numbers are (800) 829-6468 and (818) 771-1600. A variety of system management tools, trialware and free utilities are available at Executive Software’s European headquarters can be reached at or by calling +44 (0) 1342-327477