TeaLeaf Technology Launches First Web Application Management Solution to Measure Application Availability Based on Real Users

TeaLeaf RealiTea Introduces Real Time, Real Users, Real Availability for True Web Application Availability

San Francisco, CA, October 6, 2003 - TeaLeaf Technology, the leader in application availability as measured by the real user, today unveiled RealiTea, the latest generation of its Web application management software. The first solution that measures application health from the perspective of the real user, RealiTea helps organizations get true value from the pursuit of Web application availability by going beyond twentieth-century metrics such as uptime and page load speed to get to the heart of the matter can real customers complete every transaction, every time?

RealiTea ensures application availability by capturing and monitoring every real user session and every business process. By providing real-time visibility into Web application issues that infrastructure and performance management tools cannot detect, RealiTea helps companies proactively find problems before they impact tens, hundreds or thousands of users. Furthermore, RealiTea reduces the time necessary to diagnose and resolve problems by 60 to 90 percent, leading to increases in successful Web transactions, and protecting customer relationships.

"An application can only be considered available through successful production-level usage," stated Corey Ferengul of META Group. "Web application availability must be managed from the perspective that matters most - that of the ultimate end user of that application. If a user cannot use an application - regardless of the reason - that application has failed."

"A positive user experience is the number one goal at optionsXpress, and a big part of that experience is obviously successful trade execution," said David Kalt, president of optionsXpress. "Prior to RealiTea, however, when trading errors occurred we had no way to view customer activity that preceded those errors. Today, we can zero in on any customer session from the customer's perspective to identify what went wrong and where. With RealiTea, we can identify areas of the site that are more prone to errors, and move quickly to improve the experience. TeaLeaf RealiTea is a very powerful tool in our customer service toolbox."

"With the introduction of RealiTea, companies finally have the ability to ensure the availability of critical business services by monitoring key business processes from the perspective of the only arbiter that matters the real user in real time," according to Geoff Galat, Vice President, Marketing & Product Management at TeaLeaf. "The fundamental challenge to Web application management has been to immediately see what real users see. RealiTea solves that problem."

RealiTea Features: Real time, real users, real availability

  • RealiTea identifies, recreates and diagnoses application-level failures in real time allowing support staff to immediately have awareness of issues, correlate problems to the affected users, understand the business impact, and effectively prioritize resolution. The RealiTea platform includes Capture, Server, Portal and Viewer components. RealiTea Capture records what all real users are doing and seeing in real-time, without application changes or instrumentation, to detect application and business process failures or trends that go unnoticed by infrastructure and performance management tools. RealiTea Capture can also intake application, component and system-level logs and combine this data with real user sessions for deeper problem analysis. RealiTea Server processes the captured data in real-time correlating and indexing it and providing a visual recording of what real users did and saw for each page in a session. In addition, RealiTea Server monitors the user sessions to generate alerts based on pre-configured events technical, business-process or combinations thereof; correlate any combination of captured data to pinpoint the cause of specific problems; enable users to search for specific archived sessions and has detailed reporting capabilities.

  • RealiTea Viewer visually replays user sessions enabling IT groups to instantly reproduce problems. Using RealiTea Viewer, IT cannot only see what the user saw page-by-page but they also have access to myriad data not visible to the user, yet invaluable when detecting and solving problems. RealiTea sessions are portable and can be easily used for cross-organizational communications, enhancing the overall problem management process. In addition, TeaLeaf offers several add-ons to RealiTea that leverage the power of the real user to provide enterprise-wide benefits for the entire Web application management process, including QA, business process and operational monitoring, business analytics and customer support.

Real Add-ons:

  • Real Analytics uses the rich data set captured and sessionized by RealiTea to be leveraged in other enterprise business analytics packages, without requiring page tagging or application instrumentation. Real user information gathered by RealiTea can be combined with data from offline activities to enable companies to gain a true cross-channel view of customers.

  • Real Availability Dashboard is a real-time enterprise-wide view of Web application health from the real user perspective. Real Availability Dashboard provides customized views and reports of critical data on success and failure of key business services delivered by Web applications.

  • Real Scripts enables QA organizations to automatically generate test scripts that reflect true user behavior, including application paths, think times and dynamic data from the users sessions captured by RealiTea, so that companies can quickly and accurately test application changes and ensure a more reliable, available system.

  • Real Support integrates RealiTea's real user capture with incident tracking systems and email response tools, such as Kana Response and Remedy to enable tier one customer service to respond immediately to issues they can resolve or more effectively route, escalate and communicate problems and errors by automatically including visual replay of real user sessions for every incident.

About TeaLeaf Technology

TeaLeaf Technology® is the leader in application availability as measured by the real user, and is the only Web application management solution focused on the true availability of Web applications. Using patented technology, the award-winning TeaLeaf solution captures every user session, detects business process and application failures in real time, alerts to these problems immediately, and correlates the problems to the end user instantly. The result to IT is immediate awareness of critical failures, accelerated problem resolution and increased conversion rates due to better, more effective applications. TeaLeaf is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, email info@tealeaf.com or visit the Web site at http://www.tealeaf.com.