Sigaba Enhances Next Generation Secure E-mail Solution

Most advanced e-mail security system shows off important new features in version 4.0 release

San Mateo, CA — October 7, 2003 — The most advanced secure e-mail system today got a further boost, as Secure Data in Motion, dba Sigaba®, the leading provider of secure message management solutions, announced version 4.0 of Sigaba Secure E-mail. The most exciting features for customers include the ability to interoperate seamlessly with all of the major authentication mechanisms and e-mail applications, and the utilization of federated authentication to connect multiple trusted vendors. For consumers, Sigaba Secure E-mail provides instant and complete fraud protection, with the ability to securely reply to any secure e-mail with no software or security knowledge needed.

“Sigaba Secure Email is an advanced offering based on open standards and a next-generation federated security architecture,” said Mark Pittman, vice president of systems technology, ValueOptions. “We selected Sigaba for secure messaging after rigorous testing and due diligence, based on its solid enterprise-class technology architecture, scalability, robust policy enablement, easy deployment, simplicity for users, and protection that reaches all the way to recipients and back again.”

Pittman continued: “We take the security of confidential communications with customers and partners very seriously, and absolute ease-of-use is a necessity; thankfully, it’s also a key trademark of the Sigaba product suite.”

Sigaba secure messaging solutions are proving themselves in enterprise deployments every day by the leaders in the financial services, government and healthcare sectors, among others.

“Sigaba clearly understands the business issues its customers are wrestling with and is making major strides toward providing practical solutions,” said Steve Weissman, president of Kinetic Information LLC, a leading management consulting and industry analyst firm focused on technology’s business value. “For instance, its support of federated authentication enables customers to leverage existing infrastructures both inside and outside of their own organizations, and minimize their need for redundant technology and duplicative spending. This capability speaks directly to a critical market need and sets Sigaba up to be an important player going forward.”

Sigaba Secure E-mail 4.0 is the single most comprehensive secure e-mail solution on the market. Every day, in the largest and most demanding heterogeneous enterprises, it proves its performance, reliability and scalability, with near-zero administration and management needed. Sigaba solutions are extremely affordable, and provide a very low cost of ownership and a rapid return on security investment.

“Our customers and contract wins speak for the strength of Sigaba solutions. The secret has been in the architecture,” said Tanya Candia, senior vice president of Sigaba.

The powerful features of Sigaba Secure E-mail 4.0 consist of the following:

  • Single integrated platform for secure messaging, enabling easy yet safe exchange of sensitive information across open networks;

  • Authentication adapters (enabling SAML compliance) for all major authentication systems;
  • Federated authentication option enabling multiple trust points;
  • ‘Send Anywhere’ option enables secure communication with anyone, anywhere, without special recipient-side software;
  • Secure Reply capability can be formatted as text, form-based response, payment, etc.;
  • Secure communication solution integrates into existing security infrastructure, with no need for synchronization or credential management; and
  • Security is easy, fast, affordable and accessible to anyone; complexity is kept to a minimum for both administrator and user.

Sigaba’s advanced, innovative architecture is FIPS certified and based on industry-recognized open standards such as SAML, XML, SRP, AES and more. It is the first and only secure messaging system to be built around federated authentication (Ref.

With Sigaba Secure E-mail 4.0, authentication adaptors are available for all of the major methods in use by organizations worldwide, including LDAP, Novell eDirectory, MS Active Directory, Kerberos, RADIUS, NT4 LAN Manager and Lotus Domino. In addition, interoperability with all e-mail applications provides the most advanced support for individual users. In addition to Gateway support for all email systems, the company additionally offers Plug-Ins for Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Eudora and more. These enable the additional capability of desktop-to-desktop, secure communications. Other new features include extensive system monitors, bulk data loading, and many other enhanced capabilities.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for Sigaba Secure E-mail 4.0 starts at only $50k; this includes the Sigaba Gateway, Key and Authentication Services, and Plug-Ins—everything needed to secure e-mail traveling over wired and wireless networks.

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