IBM adds Windows, AIX, AS400 to Existing Linux Hosting Services

Big Blue takes hosting business to the next level

IBM has taken its hosting business to the next level. The firm has been offering Linux application hosting for a year, and is now adding it on Windows, AIX, and AS400 architectures in its iSeries, pSeries, and xSeries systems.

IBM refers to these hosting offerings as its Virtual Server Service, promising to host isolated environments and only charge each customer for the cycles they use, with a set-up fee and monthly “on demand” charges.

These virtual servers are deployed at an IBM Service Delivery Center and managed by IBM Global Services and offer additional services, connection to the Internet, caching, storage, and backup services, as well as firewalls and load balancing (through a partnership with Inkra Networks).

IBM says it is the first vendor to offer businesses a choice of Windows-based, Unix-based, or Linux-based server processing and network capacity delivered on demand.

IBM launched its first hosting service on Linux running on zSeries mainframes last July. The company predicts savings of between 15 and 30 percent using its virtual server service versus owning the machines outright. Prices were not given.

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