NetIQ Upgrades Exchange Monitoring Tools, Offers Web Monitoring

AppAnalyzer 3.0 creates e-mail audits in line with new regulations

NetIQ’s Exchange Management solution works with Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, and Exchange 2003. The upgrade is targeted at creating e-mail audits that are in line with new regulations.

AppAnalyzer gives details of Exchange server utilization, messaging network traffic patterns, message delivery times, existence of unused public folders or distribution lists, presence of unauthorized e-mail recipients, and any instances of personal use policy or privacy violations. It also provides Exchange Outlook Web Access usage analysis and reporting to view what is going on with e-mail links to the Web—often a big cause of concern in enterprises.

Elements of NetIQ’s Exchange Management solution include NetIQ Migration Suite (to shift from Windows NT and Exchange 5.5 to Active Directory), Exchange Administrator (for policy-based mailbox management), AppManager (for Exchange to optimize server performance), and AppAnalyzer. It also includes MailMarshal which monitors and controls inappropriate e-mail content such as spam, jokes, chain letters, and viruses.

All products except AppAnalyzer 3.0 are shipping now; AppAnalyzer 3.0 will be released later this month. Prices start at $600 with additional charges of $2,500 for the WebAdmin console for five users.

The company also announced more updates to its Web Infrastructure Management Solution by delivering the NetIQ AppManager and new modules to manage Linux and Unix environments.

The new AppManager Web Console provides a unified Web interface that allows administrators to centrally manage Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms and applications from Netscape or Internet Explorer.

Key features of the AppManager Web Console include a step-by-step guide through the creation, deletion, and management of monitoring jobs, Java-based real-time charting of live performance information from Linux, Unix, or Windows servers, and applications and scripts for lights-out management.

The NetIQ AppManager Web Console is shipping now, priced at $2,500 for five concurrent users. Modules for NetIQ’s Web Infrastructure Management solution are priced starting at $750 per server.

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