Data 21 Releases Version 3.0 of ZIP/390, ZIP/VSE, & ZIP/CICS

Mainframe ZIP compression/encryption tools get improved performance and ease-of-use

TORRANCE, California, October 21st, 2003 - Data 21, Inc., announces the availability of version 3.0 of ZIP/390, Data 21 Releases Version 3.0 of ZIP/390, ZIP/VSE & ZIP/CICS

Data 21’s mainframe ZIP utilities uniquely combine industry standard compression and strong encryption technologies with built-in TCP/IP communications (i.e., e-mail and FTP) producing a simple and cost effective data transport solution capable of meeting today's demand for the faster, more efficient and secure exchange of electronic information across the Internet, intranet, extranet and the divergent platforms involved, reports the vendor. Adding that the products simplify efficient and secure B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-customer), B2E (business-to-employee) transmission of financial transactions, health insurance claims, stock trades, payrolls, and other confidential or proprietary information for an Enterprise and its partners, customers and employees.

Data 21 reportedly is working shoulder-to-shoulder with WinZip Corp., and other Zip providers, to stave off the potential splintering of the standard ZIP file format into proprietary sub-formats threatened by the strategic implementation of proprietary strong encryption formats by some vendors. Data 21, WinZip Corp. and other ZIP providers (i.e., Unix and AS/400 solution providers) have implemented WinZip Corp’s published AES strong encryption file format, available to all Zip developers. “We firmly believe that a standard Zip file format is in the best interest of the consumer and critical to the continued viability of the Zip format itself”, says David L. Kennedy, VP of Sales/Marketing at Data 21, Inc.

“Organizations that have tried a mainframe Zip compression utility in the past and found it impossible to justify due to its cost of ownership, poor compression speed and/or CPU overhead may find their solution here”, says Mr. Kennedy. “Our products offer a lower cost of ownership than other leading Zip tools, faster compression and lower CPU overhead. He goes on to say, “And it’s not too late for companies that have already purchased another mainframe ZIP solution either. Our competitive product replacement program makes it financially beneficial for such companies to switch; lowering annual maintenance fees and future CPU upgrade costs.”

Version 3.0 offers improved performance and ease of use. A refinement in the products UNZIP algorithm reduces UNZIP time on the mainframe an average of 30%. New features such as dynamic file allocation and generic file name support greatly simplify the JCL.


Version 3.0 is now available for download by licensed users and companies interested in a free 30-day test drive at For licensing and pricing information please call (310) 792-1771 or email us at


Since its inception in 1980, Data 21's mission has been to deliver innovative IBM mainframe-centric computing solutions that empower Business and enrich End-Users in the workplace. Today Data 21 solutions are highly valued strategic components at hundreds of top corporations around the world. With the Internet age upon us, Data 21 is focusing on addressing Internet-related technologies for the secure, efficient, and flexible delivery of information over IP.