Computas' Metis Modeling Software Generates Comprehensive Enterprise Architecture Models

Metis implements advanced content and configuration management capabilities on Oracle, provides enhanced XML interface, supports UML software modeling standard.

PHOENIX, November 4, 2003 - Computas NA, Inc. today announced major enhancements to its popular Metis(r) Enterprise visual modeling toolset. Important new capabilities of the Metis software will significantly increase the usefulness of Metis-generated Enterprise Architecture models for decision makers in a wider range of companies than ever before. New Metis functionality includes an enhanced XML interface for importing any kind of XML data into Metis models; UML model templates for modeling software systems; and implementation of the advanced content management capabilities of Computas' Metis Team Server software on Oracle(r) database technology.

Metis, the only native XML visual modeling tool on the market, has an unmatched ability to present clear graphical views of complex infrastructures and relationships. Users can ask questions based on the Metis models that lead to a deeper understanding of their company's Information Technology operations, business processes, and the relationship between them, leading to more efficient business operations and improved financial performance. Corporate planners and managers can use Metis models extensively in their decision-making, and in the development of clear, compelling Business Cases for review by CFOs who are increasingly requiring them for budget approvals.

Metis Team Server leverages Oracle database technology, ensures users cannot make unauthorized changes to models By implementing its content and configuration management module, Metis Team Server, to work with Oracle database technology, Computas is making the Metis modeling software significantly more useful for the many companies that have standardized on Oracle. Previously, Metis Team Server ran only in conjunction with Microsoft SQL Server. Metis Team Server is a server-based repository that supports companies' rigorous security requirements by providing powerful control features for user access, model versioning, and develop-review-publish cycles.

In particular, a unique data integrity capability in the Team Server ensures that users cannot make unauthorized changes to models. Users updating or modifying models work only with a copy of the model residing in the repository - typically either an approved model or the latest in-progress model - or the subset of the model they are authorized to access. (By contrast, users of database-oriented enterprise architecture tools often make changes directly to the database, creating a data integrity risk.)

Once the changes are made to the copy of the Metis model, it is added to the repository as a new version (from which, if warranted, it can be submitted to an approval process), and the original data is retained unchanged. Because a Metis model's full version history is stored in the repository, it is possible to determine at any time what changes have been made, who made them, and when, and easily rollback to a prior version.

At the Department of Treasury's Bureau of the Census, Metis Team Server will play a key role in expanding the interaction of the user base with the Enterprise Architecture by enabling modelers in various Census divisions to work on their respective components of the EA model. "Now that we've created the foundation EA, we want to push the modeling out to the user community, so that the people who own the actual data will be doing the modeling," said Jack Leidich, Chief of the Enterprise Architecture Office, Bureau of the Census. "To that end, Metis Team Server provides important configuration management capabilities for checkin/checkout access control to model components; maintenance of version history, which allows us to return to an earlier version if errors are introduced into the model; and a log that tracks who is accessing the model."

UML template enables holistic object-oriented modeling, visual queries

Computas is also providing the latest version of the Metis modeling toolset -- Version 3.4 -- with the ability to produce models based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) standard for specifying, visualizing, constructing, and documenting software systems. The UML template in Metis 3.4 enables software developers using UML for object-oriented modeling to create holistic model views and to formulate visual queries spanning large heterogeneous models. With Metis 3.4, UML modelers have unlimited modeling space, dynamic view generation, and other unique user interface features.

Metis' UML template gives organizations that have already adopted Metis for their Enterprise Architecture and business modeling the ability also to build and integrate more detailed systems design models in the same environment. Even organizations and projects that have standardized on other UML tools may find great value in adopting Metis for maintaining and organizing the big picture view of their model landscape. Once all UML models have been imported and organized in Metis, the complete model structure can be published on a Web portal for easy access by any authorized user through the Metis Browser for dynamic visualization and searches.

XML Import Facility provides powerful tool for integrating data into models

The XML Import Facility in Metis 3.4 allows XML data of any kind to be imported into Metis models. Because XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a widely adopted industry standard for application integration, the XML Import Facility will be a powerful tool for integrating application data into Metis models.

The XML Import Facility is optimized to work with the Metis Database Import Facility, which automatically pulls in updated information from external database sources to generate and update Metis models. An integration development kit is available from Computas that allows the rapid creation of custom XML and SQL database interfaces.


Metis 3.4 and Metis Team Server/Oracle are available in November 2003. Developers can obtain an evaluation copy of the Metis Model Browser product by downloading it from the Computas website ( or by contacting a sales representative at or +1-425-391-2000.

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