Data Kinetics Introduces tableBASE 6.0

tableBASE 6.0 enables faster data access and reduces I/O and CPU overhead in mainframe applications

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA & OTTAWA, CANADA - November 10, 2003 - Data Kinetics Ltd., the leading developer of memory-resident, table management systems for Fortune 1000 companies, today announced from the IBM zSeries Expo 2003 (Booth #506) the release of tableBASE 6.0 for z/OS and OS/390. tableBASE 6.0 improves performance by avoiding the I/O and CPU overhead typically associated with other technologies, and is used by the top insurance, financial and retail enterprises in North America and Europe.

tableBASE 6.0 builds on the Data Kinetics' flagship software, tableBASE, a memory-resident, table management system for enhancing DB2, CICS and IMS applications running on IBM mainframes. The new version allows data to be shared across regions, utilizes 2 G dataspaces and provides even faster in-memory data access.

"Enterprise-level financial and insurance companies rely on tableBASE for power, performance and reliability," said Bill Olders, President, Data Kinetics Ltd., "tableBASE provides this and more. We reduce the risk and cost of application development by managing tables in-memory."

tableBASE 6.0 has a fully re-entrant engine that extends tableBASE performance to multitasking applications. It provides shared tables for read/write across regions (batch, CICS TS, IMS TM and TSO/ISPF). In addition, web services that use DB2 stored procedures or User Defined Functions are able to respond faster by using tableBASE 6.0 to reduce the inherent I/O.

tableBASE 6.0 has been beta tested with top Fortune 500 companies from the insurance and financial sectors in the U.S. These companies have confirmed that this new release has proven to provide faster data access and will also offer cost benefits once implemented.

All tableBASE tables are resident in memory to ensure that data is retrieved at near real-time speeds. The increased application speeds improve overall system performance and defer capital expenditure on mainframe hardware upgrades. tableBASE allows developers to create flexible, table-driven applications that can be accessed by end-users in a secure environment, which simplifies the maintenance of applications.

tableBASE 6.0 offers:

  • Re-entrant, multitasking engine
  • Virtual Table Share (VTS) that provides read/write access to shared tables across regions
  • Support for Web services (DB2 stored procedures)
  • Increased tableSPACE region (TSR) up to 2 G for virtual storage for tableBASE tables
  • Improved internal locking management that enables enhanced performance for users
  • Reduced time to load a TSR (a new tableBASE library buffering process reduces time needed to open a large number of tables)
  • Shortened code paths to provide faster, more efficient access to tables
  • Significant performance improvements over previous releases.
  • Improvements to the indexes, libraries, memory management and user exits.

About Data Kinetics Ltd.

Founded in 1977, Data Kinetics is the leading developer of memory-resident, table management systems for Fortune 1000 companies. The company's flagship software, tableBASE, is a proven memory-resident table management system for enhancing DB2, CICS and IMS applications running on IBM-compatible mainframes. Data Kinetics is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada with representatives in the United States.