New Asset Management Software Offers Multi-Function, Easy-to-Use Cost Containment Tool

ALPHARETTA, GA, November 14, 2003 - According to the Stamford, CT-based research firm Gartner, Inc., IT asset management will rank as one of the top five priorities for CIOs through 2006. Until now, however, tools for inventorying and managing IT assets have remained beyond the budget of most small to mid-sized companies. With the release of NetSupport DNA, Dynamic Network Administration software, IT professionals at such organizations have an affordable, easy-to-use system for keeping IT costs in check.

"The Gartner report revealed that a majority of organizations do not have efficient ways of keeping track of their IT assets," says Alastair Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport. "That opens them up to dangers like system downtime from improperly implemented upgrades, poor customer service, overpaying on license fees and extra work for programmers. With NetSupport DNA, IT departments at small and medium-sized firms can know what hardware and software they have in place, monitor application usage, budget more accurately for upgrades, improve their in-house IT support and performance and even track Internet usage - all resulting in greater efficiency and reduced IT costs."

NetSupport DNA provides corporations with a PC management solution that enables them to establish IT asset management programs in a reasonable timeframe and within a sound budget. DNA features include hardware and software inventory, software distribution, application and web metering, query-based reporting, a help desk component and remote control functionality. As an out-of-the-box solution for IT managers, NetSupport DNA eliminates hidden implementation and training costs.

"With just a few clicks, IT managers can learn how many computers on their network have Windows '98 loaded, how many users go to certain URLs and for how long, who uses which applications more than once a week, and so on," says Kingsley. "NetSupport DNA suits the needs of IT departments that have tight budgets, less manpower and less time in which to accomplish more tasks."

About NetSupport, Inc.

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