New HelpSTAR Edition Adds Tools for Help Desks

Version 8 adds IT asset management tools, increased first-call resolution, and enhanced performance analysis, plus new interface for faster navigation

TORONTO, ONTARIO (November 17, 2003) - Help Desk Technology Corporation today announced the release of Version 8.0 of its HelpSTAR software for internal and external help desks. The new edition features a completely redesigned interface that utilizes hyperlinks to speed navigation, plus a new asset management module for tracking IT assets and monitoring software license compliance. It also adds a variety of tools to expedite and measure first-call problem resolution, facilitate complex data analysis, and fine-tune priority escalation to aid adherence to service level agreements.

These enhancements combine with HelpSTAR's existing functionality and fast out-of-the-box deployment to streamline problem resolution, maximize IT uptime, and minimize help desk costs. The package is designed for use by mid-sized corporations and divisions of large enterprises with between 10 and 100 support reps servicing 100 to 10,000 employees.

HelpSTAR's new hyperlink-based interface minimizes the number of clicks and screens required for help desk technicians to perform their jobs. It also adds a new "Local Tasks" button that produces a task pane providing instant access to every task available from a given screen, plus a "Dynamic Help" button that provides instructions for performing each task available from that screen. These features allow support reps to work quickly, shorten the learning curve, and avoid lengthy scrolling through a complete help menu that applies to the whole program rather than the tasks at hand.

Other key enhancements in HelpSTAR 8.0 include:

  • A new asset management module, allowing administrators to track all IT equipment from requisition through the end of the product lifecycle. This optional add-on module helps IT administrators manage software license compliance, identify unused equipment, and take other steps to maximize the return on investment from their IT resources.

  • "Suggested Solutions" for increased first-call resolution, enabling help desk technicians to instantly find solutions to end user problems by clicking on a new "Suggested Solutions" button on the service request screen. This accelerates problem resolution, increases first-call resolution, and reduces ramp-up time for new hires by eliminating the need to go to a separate screen to search the program's solutions database for likely answers to end users' problems. Once the appropriate solution has been selected, a hyperlink is automatically added to the service request for instant recall.

  • First-call resolution analysis tools, designed to facilitate evaluation of help desk performance. Administrators can now set guidelines defining the number of end user contacts permissible for an incident to be designated as a first-call resolution when the call is closed. Reports can then be generated to measure incidents that were and were not resolved on the first call, aiding in identifying areas requiring additional staff training or other improvements.

  • Improved integration with Microsoft Excel, allowing the results of HelpSTAR queries to be seamlessly exported to Excel for additional data analysis and reporting.

  • Enhanced priority escalation capabilities, permitting administrators to assign different escalation settings for each area of the help desk. This granularity enables mission-critical problems such as email outages to be escalated faster than less urgent matters such as printer malfunctions. It also aids in meeting different levels of service commitments.

About HelpSTAR

HelpSTAR help desk software is an easy-to-use problem management solution that provides rapid problem resolution and extensive reporting capabilities out of the box without the need for lengthy deployment and staff training. The program expedites problem handling through features such as intelligent queuing, a database of preferred solutions, end user self-help that reduces call volume into the help desk, and tools such as alarms, follow-up reminders, and automatic priority escalation to ensure efficient handling of all requests. It offers both a built-in library of standard reports and custom query capabilities. HelpSTAR is available in both client/server and web-based versions running on Microsoft Access, Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) or Microsoft SQL.

Pricing and Availability

HelpSTAR 8.0 is available direct from Help Desk Technology Corporation at or 1-800-563-4357. Prices begin at $2,495 for a starter pack covering two support reps and an unlimited number of end users; licenses for additional support reps begin at $500 per rep. Volume discounts and annual maintenance/upgrade plans are available.

About Help Desk Technology Corporation

Help Desk Technology Corporation develops and markets help desk software for organizations in all industries. Its flagship product is HelpSTAR, a comprehensive problem management solution for both internal and external help desks that combines best practices with fast deployment, ease of use and low cost. HelpSTAR is used by thousands of organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, financial institutions, and all branches of the armed forces. For more information, visit or call 1-800-563-4357.