Reasoning, Inc. Enhances Java, C, and C++ Automated Code Inspection Services

New capabilities aid in discovery and resolution of denial-of-service security defects.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., November 17, 2003 -- Reasoning, the leading provider of automated software inspection (ASI) services, today announced significant enhancements to its Java, C, and C++ code inspection services. The company’s newest ASI service enhancements are targeted at minimizing defect-related disruptions to critical applications, as well as reducing memory problems and catastrophic application failures.

"With Reasoning’s improved ASI capabilities, our customers can discover additional crash-causing defects quicker, while helping their development teams meet tight schedules," stated Reasoning President and CEO Bill Payne. "They will also be able to fortify their applications from attacks that seek to exploit existing security defects and cause denial-of-service disruptions. Our latest enhancements reflect Reasoning’s innovation and commitment to helping our customers develop reliable and secure software products while improving their ROI."

The latest enhancements to Reasoning’s Java code inspection services include the ability to detect database resource leaks, including automatic identification of database connection leaks, statement leaks, and result-set leaks. This new class of defects has the potential to lock up a developer’s database and bring an application to an abrupt halt. Attempts to connect to the database can negatively impact other applications, which in turn creates the potential for unexpected and often expensive downtime across the entire enterprise. Database resource leaks also represent security vulnerabilities that hackers often exploit to initiate Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks.

Reasoning’s C and C++ inspection service was expanded to discover and eliminate "dead code," which is code in an application that is unreachable or unexecuted. This defect class can point to or highlight potential logic errors if the intention is for the code to be executed. Reasoning’s service now also uncovers and removes object management leaks, which are caused by incomplete constructors and operator anomalies. Incomplete constructors have missing components that can lead to memory leaks, memory corruption, or application crashes; operator anomalies can lead to memory corruption and application crashes.

Early Software Inspections Yield Clear Business Advantages By incorporating ASI early and at critical intervals in the development cycle, companies can save money by reducing overall development costs and downtime. Additionally, they can speed time-to-market as developers can readily identify and resolve crash-causing defects that traditional testing misses. With fewer software defects and malfunctions, product security, reliability and quality increase, improving customer service and satisfaction.

About Reasoning Reasoning Inc. is the leading provider of automated software inspection services that help development organizations reduce the time and cost involved in finding software defects. The company's business is focused on organizations that develop Java, C, and C++ applications. Reasoning is headquartered in Mountain View, CA. Contact Reasoning at 650.316.4400 or at