Relicore, Inc. Ships V3.0 of Clarity Automated Configuration Management Software

Enables IT operations to dramatically reduce the time required to resolve change-related application failures and introduce changes into production with fewer errors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Burlington, MA, November 17, 2003) – Relicore, Inc. today announced the availability of Relicore Clarity version 3.0, the leading automated, real-time configuration management system for distributed application environments. Relicore Clarity is the industry’s only solution that automatically discovers Dependency Maps of distributed applications and tracks changes to them in real-time, providing deep operational visibility that enables IT organizations to reduce the time required to resolve application failures and smoothly introduce changes into production.

"Organizations have become so complex that mapping business services to technology is now a critical problem. Previously missing in configuration management solutions is the ability to dynamically map the interdependencies among these business services and the technology driving them," said Corey Ferengul, Vice President with META Group. "The ability to define technology relationship maps and track changes in real time to the elements they comprise is the breakthrough needed for IT organizations to start moving towards becoming adaptive enterprises."

“With V3.0 of Relicore Clarity, we continue to focus on our core intellectual property because of the strong interest and uptake by our target customers,” said Firdaus Bhathena, President and CEO of Relicore. “They are telling us that an accurate and real time understanding of the dynamic relationships between the various components in their key business services is at the heart of many initiatives, among

them infrastructure change control and problem resolution, where they are highly inefficient,” he said. “One of our customers sums the problem up nicely with the following: ‘It’s hot potato management resulting from the reliance on tribal knowledge to get things done.’”

Relicore Clarity Version 3.0 Highlights

Relicore Clarity automatically documents the dynamic dependencies between applications and the infrastructure software “building blocks” and servers on which they run and tracks changes to them in real time. Relicore Clarity version 3.0 includes numerous enhancements in the areas of auto-discovery and real-time change tracking.

Enhanced Auto-Discovery: Relicore Clarity automatically discovers key infrastructure elements in real-time including applications, applications within selected application servers, server attributes, load balancer configurations, and DNS information. Version 3.0 provides improved auto-discovery through analysis and validation of the Sun Solaris package database and Microsoft Windows IIS metabase. Additional dependences related to Named Pipe usage for Windows 2000 applications are also highlighted in Relicore Clarity version 3.0.

Expanded Real-Time Change Tracking Capabilities: Relicore Clarity automatically creates and maintains a real-time view of changes to applications, servers, files, registry keys, and permissions including who made the changes and when. Version 3.0 adds enhanced functionality in the areas of system-wide history search, Dependency Map relative history reporting, and Microsoft IIS metabase configuration change tracking. Also new are color-coded Dependency Maps that clearly show which related applications or servers were impacted during a system change or new business process enactment. Also included are improved auto-filtering capabilities for high-volume, low-value change events.

Customer Applications of Relicore Clarity

Relicore Clarity is currently being used by business application and infrastructure support organizations within several leading financial services, insurance and technology companies to help them reduce the time it takes to resolve change related failures and to introduce changes with fewer errors. In one example, a major New York-based financial services company is using Relicore Clarity to verify the consistency between the development, staging and production environments of their institutional client portal to facilitate more efficient and less error-prone change introduction.

In a second example, a Fortune 100 technology manufacturing company is using Relicore Clarity to more quickly isolate and resolve change-related application failures in their vast Web infrastructure. In a third example, a major Boston-area insurance provider is using Relicore Clarity to track operational changes in their policy initiation portal to ensure that they are proactively notified of changes that happen outside of approved change windows, as well as understand the impact of proposed changes to this environment.

Availability and Pricing

Relicore Clarity version 3.0 is available for purchase. Pricing is based on the number of servers under management, with entry-level deployments starting at $100,000. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Relicore at 781.229.1122 or for more details.

About Relicore, Inc.

Founded in November 2000, Relicore delivers automated, real-time configuration management solutions that enable IT organizations to increase service availability, reduce the cost of service delivery, and achieve business/IT alignment by providing unprecedented insight into today's complex, distributed enterprise application infrastructure. Relicore's flagship product, Relicore Clarity, is an automated discovery, tracking, and dependency mapping system for distributed application infrastructures that addresses the fundamental challenges facing IT organizations today – overwhelming complexity, constant change and scattered information. Relicore, Inc. is headquartered in Burlington, MA and is privately held. For more information on the company and its products, visit, send email to or call 781.229.1122.