Compuware Delivers Enhanced Enterprise Test Data Management Solution

Compuware File-AID/CS 3.0 offers rich data-management functionality with the broadest range of data-type support available

DETROIT--December 16, 2003--Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ: CPWR) today announced the general availability of Compuware File-AID/CS 3.0, a key component of Compuware's enterprise test-data management offering. File-AID/CS 3.0 delivers the broadest range of data type and platform support available and helps IT professionals save time by reducing the level of complexity required for managing and preparing data for testing.

As the diversity of data grows, IT professionals need to manage data quickly and easily, regardless of platform or data type. Compuware File-AID/CS 3.0 provides a comprehensive solution to managing data on multiple databases and platforms, including Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux. IT organizations will immediately recognize cost- and time-savings using File-AID/CS in their testing, development and operation processes.

"It is clear that IT organizations increasingly are burdened by the breadth of data sources to be managed," said Doug Laney, Vice-President and Director, Enterprise Analytic Strategies, META Group. "Our clients report that managing the variety of data they have is twice the challenge that either the volume of data or velocity of data are. While vendors and consultants are busy hyping scalable data management solutions, they are ignoring the more pressing issue of how to manage the burgeoning range of data environments."

To address the growing number of data types with which users are required to work, File-AID/CS 3.0 now includes a powerful data conversion utility that converts and transforms multiple data types through an easy-to-use graphical interface--including direct access to data residing in OS/390 and zSeries environments.

"We see File-AID/CS 3.0 as an essential part of our quality assurance process. The product flexibility allows us to handle a broad range of data management needs from a single workbench. File-AID/CS 3.0 is a great addition to our tool set," said Hussain Naeem, Systems Analyst Global Solutions Testing, Siemens Medical Solutions.

File-AID/CS 3.0 includes an improved related-extract and load that allows users to subset related data from one database and load the data into another with minimal database expertise. Further, users can now run this process at the server level for better performance in addition to applying data transformation. This enables users to develop test data that reflect the original production environment but with smaller volumes, better test data and reduced testing time.

File-AID/CS 3.0 also contains an enhanced Compare facility that enables users to validate results across heterogeneous data environments from a single point-of-control, resulting in more accurate testing, quicker time-to-market and reduced deployment errors. Support is now expanded to include Stored Procedures, triggers and XML.

"With the many data types and databases present in most organizations, things can get complex very quickly. With File-AID/CS, users cut through unfamiliar technology to test better without having to be familiar with each data environment they support," said Moungi Slim, Product Manager, Compuware.

File-AID/CS supports Oracle, DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, XML, Access, Excel, VSAM, IMS, DB2 UDB for z/OS, QSAM and ASCII and runs on Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux platforms.

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