iQuate Releases Latest Version of Software Deployment Tool - iQDeploy 2.0

Dublin, Ireland and London, UK - December 16th, 2003: iQuate, developers of enterprise network management software, has announced the release of iQDeploy version 2.0. iQDeploy is a simple to use software deployment tool, used by organizations to remotely install and remove software across the corporate network.

Using iQDeploy, it is possible to deploy software to tens, hundreds and even thousands of PC's across a corporate network, without manual intervention.

iQDeploy 2.0 enables system administrators to rapidly and reliably deploy any application or security patch to any computer on their computer network. iQDeploy 2.0 is even faster that previous versions, enabling deployment of business critical software in minutes.

"This latest version of iQDeploy leapfrogs us ahead of anything currently available on the marketplace", stated Anthony Quigley, Chief Operations Officer at iQuate. "Customer feedback has been instrumental in bringing this latest version to market. With all the noise and confusion in the marketplace today, businesses are looking for proven solutions that provide real benefits, and our latest upgrade gives organizations powerful new tools to manage their corporate networks."

Some of the key feature and benefit improvements in this latest version of iQDeploy include:

  • iQDeploy 2.0 is completely "clientless", enabling administrators to be up and running within minutes - they do not have to install a client version of iQDeploy onto each PC on the network.

  • iQDeploy 2.0 is fully integrated with iQNetScan (auditing software) providing the administrators with complete inventory and management control over their corporate network.

  • iQDeploy 2.0 can automatically target and deploy business critical software and patches across the network.

  • iQDeploy 2.0 can run unattended and automated, installing quickly and reliably

  • iQDeploy 2.0 includes advanced scheduling options, allowing administrators to set up installs to occur at specific regular times or based on certain events (for example, a product could be installed when a PC is logged onto the network).

iQDeploy 2.0 now allows organizations to impose and control standards across their computer networks while at the same time improving overall security.

With these new and advanced features to iQDeploy 2.0, iQuate remains one of the global leaders in the provision of network management software.

Potential users are invited to download iQDeploy from