New Gold Wire Technology Formulator Expands Security Compliance Verification

Helps streamline ISO 17799 compliance, demonstrate the infrastructure is secure; added firewall/device support, links into trouble ticketing systems

WALTHAM, Mass.-- Jan. 13, 2004 -- Gold Wire Technology Inc., a leader in infrastructure integrity assurance solutions, announced that it has shipped a significant upgrade to its Formulator(R) line of management appliances with expanded support for security compliance verification. The upgraded Formulator lets enterprises swiftly demonstrate compliance with ISO 17799, the dominant template for information systems and network infrastructure security, as well as internal and external security standards.

The new Formulator upgrade additionally adds support for one of the most popular firewalls and firewall platforms on the market, Cisco PIX and Nokia IPSO. Compliance verification and reporting features have been expanded and links into major trouble ticketing solutions have been added. With its new features, Formulator lets organizations easily demonstrate effective security practices and assure the integrity of the infrastructure - network devices and UNIX servers - that controls the flow of financially sensitive information.

ISO 17799 is a key framework in defining information security controls that is increasingly used to ready financial organizations for achieving Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory compliance. Yet achieving ISO 17799 certification can be costly and time-consuming for resource-strapped IT staffs. Gold Wire Technology's latest Formulator version removes the intensive manual effort involved in enforcing internal controls and documenting compliance with security standards such as ISO 17799 across an even broader spectrum of network infrastructure devices, now including firewalls and firewall platforms.

With its single sign-on approach to securing access at any point throughout the infrastructure, Formulator provides IT staffs with on-demand historical reporting of the work of each IT staffer who can access or change infrastructure security and configuration settings. It allows organizations to automate verification of infrastructure settings against regulatory, industry and corporate standards every day, rather than quarterly or yearly. Formulator lets network staffs demonstrate internal controls more efficiently, while improving network security, enhancing accountability and increasing IT staff productivity.

Pivotal for Improving Compliance, Security

"Regulatory and standards compliance is placing pressure on IT executives and managers to better manage, secure, and control technology infrastructure," said Stephen Elliot, senior IDC analyst in Network and Service Management. "Controlling configuration changes through access controls, configuration verification and change process enforcement is finally receiving the attention it deserves from IS organizations. These organizations recognize that emerging infrastructure management technologies can improve compliance processes and security, increase network efficiencies, and enhance infrastructure availability in ways that drive revenue."

"Organizations across all vertical industries are being tasked to harden their infrastructure in compliance with a widening range of regulations and standards, be it Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 17799, FFIEC or their own internal security standards," said Thomas C. ("TC") Browne, chief executive officer of Gold Wire Technology. "Our expanded Formulator solution helps organizations confidently verify and demonstrate compliance with security and regulatory requirements, while consistently delivering the reliable services that today's enterprises demand."

What's New in Formulator

-- Nokia IPSO Support: All three Formulator modules - Compliance Manager, Access Manager, and Change Manager - now support the popular Nokia IPSO firewall platform. Formulator continues to support the broadest array of vendor devices and UNIX servers in the industry.

-- Expanded leading firewall and firewall platform configuration verification support: Cisco PIX firewall, Nokia IPSO firewall platform and Cisco CATOS were added to the extensive lineup of infrastructure network devices for which Formulator provides organization-wide compliance verification, reporting and notification on pre-configured or user-defined rules violations.

-- Enhanced Reports: for faster at-a-glance visualization and analysis of infrastructure integrity compliance and to easily demonstrate compliance to auditors.

-- Links to Trouble Ticketing: URL links into Formulator help network managers integrate popular trouble ticketing systems by Remedy, Micromuse and Hewlett-Packard into Formulator, for a comprehensive view of infrastructure integrity.

About Gold Wire Technology

Gold Wire Technology develops, sells and supports multi-vendor infrastructure integrity assurance solutions for enterprises with revenue or compliance-critical networks in the financial services, retail, automotive, health care and pharmaceutical industries; Federal agencies; and MSPs or ASPs serving them. The Formulator product family improves infrastructure standards compliance, security and availability by controlling access and processes to secure the infrastructure and assure its business integrity. Formulator supports infrastructure network devices and servers from Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, Enterasys, Hewlett-Packard, NetScreen Technologies, Extreme Networks, and others. Located in Waltham, MA, Gold Wire Technology can be reached at 1-888-585-9473 or at