nStor Introduces NexStor 4700 Serial-ATA Storage Platform

Turnkey Solution Leverages StorView for Linux to Deliver Enterprise-Class Storage to Small-to-Medium Businesses

New York ­ January 21, 2004 ­ nStor Corporation, Inc., a subsidiary of nStor Technologies, Inc. (AMEX:NSO) and the innovator of high-performance networked storage platforms, today unveiled the NexStor 4700 Serial-ATA (SATA) series to bring cost-effective, continuous data protection and advanced storage management to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). The NexStor 4700 series, which includes both Fibre Channel to SATA and SCSI to SATA models, reduces the cost and complexity of supporting data-intensive applications while easing storage management challenges.

The NexStor 4700 SATA platform is based on nStor¹s core technology foundation, which includes the Wahoo Fibre Channel RAID engine and StorView storage management software. Both clustering and fully redundant hardware components ensure high data availability while dynamic storage provisioning simplifies adding "on-the-fly" disk capacity. With options for 512MB or 1GB of on-board cache, the NexStor 4700 is ideal for environments ranging from shared storage, high-bandwidth video applications to near-line storage in disk-to-disk backup and disaster recovery operations.

According to Thomas Gruber, president of nStor Corporation, Inc., the NexStor 4700 SATA family breaks price and performance barriers for small- and medium-sized businesses. "Our user friendly storage makes it easy for SMBs to safeguard vital information assets and lower management costs to a few dollars per gigabyte," he explained. "In addition, we support the growing demand for integrated systems that blend powerful computing and storage capabilities."

At LinuxWorld (booth 939) and other partner locations at the show, nStor will showcase StorView for Linux running on the NexStor 4700. StorView incorporates a Web-based graphical user interface to streamline installation, configuration and management. StorView lets IT administrators change RAID configurations and provision storage without re-booting servers or disrupting data access. High-end management features include real-time performance and statistical data, automatic cache adjustments, flexible LUN management as well as event reporting and trending analysis. An optional global version of StorView extends local management to support remote monitoring and management of geographically dispersed servers from a centralized location.

StorView comes bundled with the NexStor 4700 system to decrease the cost of managing growing storage networks. To increase reliability, the NexStor 4700 family also provides optional redundant components, hot-swap spares and a host of RAID protection features. The system supports up to two 2Gbit Fibre Channel or four Ultra320 SCSI host interfaces. The modular NexStor 4700 currently handles capacity growth in 3TB increments and easily scales to support up to 60TB of storage using the current largest capacity disk drives in a single data center cabinet.

The NexStor 4700 complements nStor¹s existing storage products, which are currently deployed across a broad spectrum of applications including video streaming and editing, databases and backup systems. Available in February, the NexStor 4700 SCSI to SATA system is offered at $7,495; the NexStor Fibre Channel to SATA system is priced at $7,995.

About nStor Corporation, Inc.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., nStor Corporation, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of nStor Technologies, Inc. (AMEX:NSO) designs, develops and manufactures integrated data storage solutions, including storage platforms, RAID controllers and storage management software. The company¹s flagship Wahoo controller technology and StorView software form the foundation for the NexStor 4000 family of turnkey systems that support Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Macintosh operating environments. Designed for storage-intensive environments and mission-critical applications, nStor¹s products are offered in various architectures including Fibre Channel, Fibre-to-SCSI, SCSI, iSCSI and SATA. The company markets its storage solutions through OEM partners and a global network of resellers and systems integrators. For more information, visit http://www.nstor.com