Tape Management Now Available for Linux

LXI introduces the first and only mainframe-class tape management software solution for Linux operating system that includes comprehensive backup, recovery and vaulting functionality

IRVING, TX - January 29, 2004 - LXI® Corp., the leader in cutting-edge enterprise storage management software solutions, today announces the availability of TMS/ix for Linux, a mainframe-class tape management system providing corporations with full backup, recovery, tape management and protection, device management and vaulting.

The tape management system for Linux will operate on any platform-even the iSeries running a Linux partition- including HP, SUN, IBM pSeries, and other desktop computers.

LXI's TMS/ix is the first and only full function backup, recovery, tape management and vaulting software solution for Linux, bringing mainframe-class functionality and protection to this platform. Supporting an unlimited number of configurations, TMS/ix helps customers structure and manage their backup and tape inventories, and:

  • Manage any number of virtual and physical tape devices, even in a SAN environment, and control automated tape libraries.

  • Track all tape activity at a dataset level, protecting tapes against accidental scratches or re-use, increasing overall recoverability.

  • Simplify administration and management of media movement to any number of on-site and off-site locations with our comprehensive vault management.

  • Produce a central disaster recovery report for the entire network, by backup type, for easy control of recovery.

  • Centrally manage all tape activity from a centralized console for simplified administration and management.

  • Supports unlimited number of servers in a network environment for centralized or distributed processing and redundancy.

  • Enables full function tape interchange for tape processing, even outside of normal backup and recovery functions.

"Epsilon regularly processes large volumes of data from a variety of platforms in many different formats," says Robert Fabrizio, Vice President, Information Technology for Epsilon Data Management. "TMS/ix fills a critical need by automating the process of managing devices, mount requests and ensuring that all tape data received from and sent to our clients and their affiliated agencies conform to their platform requirements." Fast and economical, TMS/ix offers organizations flexibility and reliability across the enterprise. IT managers gain the assurance that all of the corporate data is adequately saved and protected-regardless of platform.

About TMS/ix

Mainframe class tape management product for UNIX, AIX and Linux, TMS/ix is a comprehensive backup, recovery, tape and vault management software solution for the open systems platforms. Its device management functionality provides unparalleled control over both physical and virtual tape devices, automated tape libraries and SAN environment configurations. The centralized tape control console makes it easy to monitor and administer all tape activity in the network, simplifying tape operation functions through the entire media life cycle.

TMS/ix is easy to install and configure. Additional functionality, such as tape interchange capability, makes integration into the customer environment easy while allowing corporations to manage large number of tape operation requirements from disparate sources and platforms. Flexible configuration options give managers the ability to adapt the product to any combination of data protection and recovery requirements. Quick access to saved data, extensive vaulting, and off-site management give customers complete confidence in a quick recovery in the event of a disaster. Learn more about TMS/ix at www.lxicorp.com/prod09.htm.

About LXI Corp.

LXI is focused on helping businesses manage their enterprise storage needs in heterogeneous environments, simplifying cross platform storage policy administration, integrating disparate platforms and network backup products, and consolidating media information for centralized control and management. By providing end-to-end data protection solutions, from high availability through comprehensive disaster recovery including backup, recovery, device and tape management, HSM, and vaulting, LXI helps ensure that all data is backed up and tracked, that all saved data is protected, giving organization data assurance across the enterprise for full recoverability and regulatory compliance.

With LXI, customers gain the benefit of industry-leading storage management products and services for midrange systems. Additionally, by partnering with storage software and hardware industry leaders, LXI brings together the experience, the products and the integration necessary to provide complete data assurance. LXI ensures there are no leaks, no losses, and no loose ends across the enterprise.

To learn more about LXI, visit us at http://www.lxicorp.com or call 214.260.9002.