H&W’s New Performance Scouts Gives Insight into Mainframe Resources

Ensure optimal performance for Web applications

BOISE, Idaho -- February 23, 2004 -- H&W today announced the release of DiagnoSys Performance Scouts, the comprehensive mainframe data collection agents for its DiagnoSys intelligent performance management solution. Together, DiagnoSys and Performance Scouts ensure that crucial Web applications perform optimally, keeping users satisfied and revenue flowing.

“DiagnoSys Performance Scouts help companies to more proactively get to the root cause of a failing resource by collecting performance data directly from the resource instead of the connection to the resource,” said John Baisch, senior product manager for H&W. “This level of data collection, combined with the patented DiagnoSys intelligent analysis engine, provides the most accurate information possible about application performance.”

Performance Scouts gather comprehensive metrics from these important mainframe resources: IBM OS/390 or z/OS, TCP, DB2, IBM Transaction Server (CICS), IBM WebSphere for OS/390 and z/OS, WebSphere MQ (MQ Series), and the OS/390 HTTP server. Performance Scouts feed this data into the DiagnoSys intelligent analysis engine, where it is statistically correlated with data from the application resources in other tiers, such as application servers, Web servers, and databases. DiagnoSys analyzes the enterprise-wide components as a single system to give a complete, true view of application performance. It then provides essential information, alerts, and advice to resolve problems proactively.

“DiagnoSys identifies issues in the distributed environment, and when combined with Performance Scouts, it straightforwardly identifies issues involving mainframe resources,” said Baisch. “Users don’t need to understand the mainframe to know when a mainframe-related performance problem arises.”

Unlike competing products, DiagnoSys is an intelligent performance management solution that examines application performance from end to end. The systematic use of DiagnoSys in preproduction and production environments supplies the automated analysis needed to identify and correct the most complex performance problems. DiagnoSys offers a sophisticated combination of data collection, correlation, and analysis that no other product provides.

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