New SmartProduction Tuning Software Release Identifies Greater Scope of Batch Inefficiencies

HAUPPAUGE, NY – Axios Products, Inc. announces a major new release of the SmartProduction® batch analysis and tuning software. SmartProduction has helped worldwide customers significantly reduce batch run time and increase system online time, in turn saving hundreds of thousands of dollars for their organizations in both immediate and long term cost reductions. SmartProduction V4.1.0’s new Graphical Analysis Facility (GAF) offers increased flexibility and improved methodology for the examination of data. Its seven new reports enhance SmartProduction’s ability to locate, prioritize and explain production inefficiencies, and provide more focused analysis and tuning solutions. SmartProduction now also supports Workload Manager in Goal Mode.

SmartProduction’s new Graphical Analysis Facility (GAF) provides output in a format that can be easily imported into a set of pre-defined Excel spreadsheets, allowing users to graphically view data generated on the mainframe via SmartProduction’s Global Reports.

“The GAF allows users to categorize and modify data as necessary in order to present it in a meaningful way,” says Gary DiPillo, Chief Technical Officer of Axios. “It provides a better eye-view of the potential savings that can be achieved through the use of SmartProduction, and gives users the flexibility of adding other calculations and graphical features to aid in their own analysis.”

SmartProduction’s seven new reports provide users with the ability to identify a greater scope of inefficiencies, including VSAM data sets and those that can be used in Data-In-Memory (DIM) techniques, including Hiperbatch processing and VIO to expanded storage. SmartProduction also supports Workload Manager in Goal mode, allowing users of WLM to more effectively focus their tuning. Specifically, users of SmartProduction can now:

  • identify VSAM data sets with one or more inefficiencies, including type of inefficiency

  • identify data set candidates for VSAM Batch LSR processing

  • identify data set candidates that can be used in Data-In-Memory (DIM) techniques, including Hiperbatch processing and VIO to expanded storage

  • identify jobs containing one or more steps that unnecessarily read or write data

  • select jobs by MVS WLM service class and workload name (relevant when jobs are run in Goal mode)

In addition, SmartProduction now provides an enhanced report description and more comprehensive usage notes at the top of each report.

SmartProduction runs under all supported versions of OS/390 and z/OS.

For more information on SmartProduction, contact Axios Products, Inc., 1373-10 Veterans Highway, Hauppauge, New York 11788-3047, voice (800) 877-0990, e-mail, or visit us on the web at