Data Recovery Gets Snappy

Snapbak software reduces retrieval times for crashed multi-disk systems

ARMONK, NY, March 22, 2004 - CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. (, a leading international provider of computer data recovery services, has announced the development of a new software tool designed to increase recovery rates and decrease recovery times for crashed multi- disk systems running in a Snap operating environment.

Developed by CBL's Beijing lab in collaboration with its Singapore facility, Snapbak is part of an ongoing strategy by the company to create innovative tools to reduce the costs and response time of data recovery from any media or operating system. Snapbak has already been successfully used within CBL's worldwide network of 10 labs in nine countries.

"Multi-disk storage systems are critical to the viability of today's enterprises," says CBL president Bill Margeson. "These units are as prone to failure as any other technology, and sometimes the various back-up technologies and processes called into play by the systems managers fail as well."

A significant issue with Snap servers for data recovery companies has been the difficulty accessing data in a corrupted or otherwise damaged SnapOS. Using Snapbak, CBL can now bring data stored under the SnapOS into the native operating system under which the data was created. These operating environments include Windows, Linux and the Mac OS, among others. Once converted to the native operating system, CBL is able to work on the corrupted system utilizing its full set of recovery tools. This results in increased recovery rates in a shorter time frame.

"We realize the need for an immediate and effective data recovery service to recover the valuable business data stored on these systems," adds Margeson. " It is for this reason that CBL continues to invest heavily in our research and development for multi-disk systems. Snapbak is the latest of the tools we have developed to address this need."

A leader in its field, CBL is a multinational data recovery organization with facilities in the U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Barbados, England, Germany, China, Singapore and Australia. The company has been focused solely on the data recovery market for more than a decade. Through its on-going research and development efforts, CBL has created a library of proprietary processes to successfully recover data from failed PC hard disk drives when all other conventional methods have failed.

About CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc.

CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. ( is a leading international provider of computer data recovery services for clients experiencing data loss. Founded in 1993, CBL offers data recovery services worldwide through its network of labs, offices and authorized partners. CBL's offices and laboratories are located in nine countries on five continents including: Brisbane, Australia; San Diego, CA and Armonk, NY, USA; Toronto, Canada; Newcastle, United Kingdom; Kaiserslautern, Germany; Beijing, China; Barbados, West Indies; Ponta Grossa, Brazil and Singapore.

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