F-Secure Expands Antivirus Product Line for Linux

First automatic, real-time virus protection and centralized management for corporate and government customers using Linux

Washington D.C., FOSE, March 23, 2004 - F-Secure Corporation (HEX: FSC), a leading provider of antivirus and content security software is expanding its line of antivirus products for Linux environments with the introduction of F-Secure Anti-Virus™ for Samba Servers, which automatically detects, cleans, removes and disinfects viruses from files stored on Samba file servers. And in the Spring, F-Secure will launch a new centrally manageable, real-time scanning anti-virus solution for Linux workstations and servers.

With the Linux market growing at an explosive rate, many companies and government organizations alike are now running Secure E-Mail Appliances, file storage and web servers and other critical applications on Linux, and these applications need enterprise-class security protection. The new F-Secure anti-virus products for Linux will be the first to provide easy-to-use, automatic and manageable security solutions for Linux servers and workstations and will enable customers to safely deploy Linux on existing IT infrastructures.

Like F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Samba Servers helps organizations protect their file servers, the data located on the network disks and the clients accessing the disks. Later in 2004, F-Secure's new centrally manageable anti-virus solution with real-time scanning for Linux workstations and servers, will released. With these combined products, customers will be able to manage both F-Secure's Windows and Linux Anti-Virus solutions from one central management system -- the F-Secure Policy Manager. Using the policy manager, the increasing number of Linux workstations and servers in today's enterprises can be easily protected, managed and monitored from one central location, and files can be scanned in real time (not just with manual commands or scheduled scanning tasks).

"F-Secure recognized the need and delivered one of the first antivirus solutions for Linux many years ago," said Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of F-Secure Corporation. "Already today, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Linux Workstations, Servers and Gateways provide protection against all types of Linux viruses, Windows viruses, DOS file viruses and macro viruses and other hostile code. Our new products are designed to increasingly automate the virus scanning and provide easier management and administration of Linux security."

F-Secure is a SuSE Technology Partner and a Red Hat Ready application.

About F-Secure Corporation

F-Secure Corporation protects individuals and businesses against computer viruses and other threats coming through the Internet or mobile networks. Our award-winning solutions include antivirus, desktop firewall with intrusion prevention and network encryption. Our key strength is the speed of response to new threats and for businesses our solutions feature centralized management. Founded in 1988, F-Secure has been listed on the Helsinki Exchanges since 1999. We have our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland, and offices in USA, France, Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Japan. F-Secure is supported by a global ecosystem of value added resellers and distributors in over 50 countries. F-Secure protection is also available through major Internet Service Providers, such as Deutsche Telekom and leading mobile equipment manufacturers, such as Nokia.

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