Innovative Systems Announces the Release of Synchronos

Synchronos accelerates customer data integration, improves enterprise decision-making

PITTSBURGH, PA -March 24, 2004 - Innovative Systems, Inc., a global provider of customer data integration solutions, today announced the general availability of its new, enterprise customer information solution, Synchronos. A dynamic and centralized master registry of customer data, Synchronos establishes a best-of-breed enterprise customer view and ultimately maximizes the return on investment from existing application systems, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

Large organizations face daunting data challenges when they attempt to integrate customer information from multiple application systems in order to achieve an enterprise customer view for improved cross-departmental decision-making. As a result, most organizations settle for managing a network of incomplete ‘master’ customer databases. The Synchronos solution eliminates this costly and fractured approach by establishing a centralized master registry where application-specific customer views co-exist with a new, multi-faceted and synchronized enterprise customer view overlay. This new enterprise view overlay is created by intelligently combining the best and most complete customer information from the numerous application systems across the enterprise. Because Synchronos works alongside existing applications rather than displacing them, this advanced approach lengthens the useful life of expensive legacy systems, while enabling improved enterprise business decision-making.

“Enterprises that approach data management as a strategic issue will reap the benefits of greater process transparency, interoperability and automation,” said Ted Friedman, senior analyst with Gartner. “This can provide benefit to a number of areas, including CRM and business intelligence. In order to realize these significant business benefits, the highly fragmented operational environments common in large enterprises must be connected and rationalized to create an integrated view of data that is complete, accurate and in sync.”

With a fully open and component-based architecture, Synchronos easily integrates within an organization’s existing infrastructure. Its flexible design provides organizations with an adaptive and customizable conversion path that reduces the time, costs and risks associated with ‘big bang’ enterprise customer data integration strategies. Innovative’s leading data quality and linking software support Synchronos with powerful data management capabilities and seamlessly ensure that customer information within the master registry, including valuable relationship and household information, is accurate and actionable.

“Synchronos is the right solution at the right time,” said Mike Healy, Innovative’s executive vice president of marketing. “It takes the many one-dimensional and incomplete customer snapshots that exist in systems across the enterprise and intelligently blends them together to create a three dimensional, enterprise representation of the customer and all of its relationships. By harnessing the collective power of customer information dispersed across the enterprise, Synchronos provides the crucial and intelligent foundation for corporate-wide business and compliance decision-making. And because it does not impose new or invasive standards and procedures, Synchronos is a rapid, tactical deployment with rapid, strategic gain. It provides real value to business and IT strategies alike.”

About Synchronosä Synchronos is an enterprise customer data integration solution that synchronizes customer data from disparate application systems to establish and maintain a sharable and accurate customer data master registry. Its integrated framework strengthens customer recognition, communication and cross-selling, to increase both customer retention and share of wallet. Additionally, Synchronos establishes the ideal platform for conducting enterprise initiatives such as customer data quality management and regulatory compliance.

Synchronos fits into an organization’s IT architecture as infrastructure dedicated to accelerating and streamlining data integration initiatives. Its intelligent master registry coordinates all points where a customer may touch an organization, and it provides the benefits and functionality of the single customer view without requiring extensive changes to the individual applications’ business-driven customer views. Synchronos is a comprehensive customer data integration and data quality solution that includes Innovative’s industry-leading data profiling, data quality, data linking, and change management capabilities.

Synchronos is generally available. To learn more about Synchronos and pricing, contact Ron Shell of Innovative Systems at 1-800-622-6390.

About Innovative Systems, Inc. Innovative Systems, Inc. is a world leader in delivering enterprise customer information solutions to organizations whose success depends on a complete and accurate understanding of their customers. The company assists clients with the migration, consolidation and storage of customer-centric data to create a unified view of any customer across the enterprise. Innovative’s data integration solutions include i/LyticsÔ, a comprehensive data quality and customer data management solution; i/Lytics SECURE™ and eWatchLine™ for fraud and regulatory compliance; and Synchronosä, a centralized master registry of customer data that ensures accurate and synchronized enterprise customer data management for improved cross-departmental business and compliance decision-making.

Since 1968, enterprise-class companies worldwide have relied on Innovative’s data quality software, systems integration, database solutions and customer data quality audits. Innovative has set the standard for data quality management in thousands of applications in more than 30 countries. Innovative maintains headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with European operations based in London. Representative offices are located in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Spain. The Innovative Web site is located at