Add Web Interface to your Database with ASPRunner Professional 3.0

ASPRunner Professional is an enterprise solution that Web-enables corporate databases. It creates sets of ASP pages to access and modify Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access, DB2, MySQL, FileMaker databases or any other ODBC data source. The software comes with a whole set of database administrator "lifesaver" features, like master-detail table relationship support, option to create ASP code for multiple tables or to delete multiple records simultaneously, as well as a single login/menu page for all tables.

Importantly, ASP Professional uses wizard-like interface and a set of templates, meaning the database administrator does not have to write a single line of code nor have any programming skills. In addition to a generous set of templates, there is a template editor that allows database administrators to customize ASP pages appearance by inserting logos, labels, changing fonts and colors. The advanced users can "tweak" and modify ASP code the program generates.

The newly created ASP pages can be viewed (read only), searched, edited, deleted or used to enter new data right from the Internet. The program is capable of creating password protected ASP pages as well.

This software is great for Web-based database searching and data entry, as well as Web-based reporting. It makes managing online product listings a snap!

ASPRunner saves money by cutting time spent converting a database to ASP and eliminating the need to hire another employee or contractor to perform this job. The program is so simple, the first APS pages are generated in just 10 minutes.

ASPRunner Professional is distributed electronically over the Internet. Free evaluation version is available at the manufacturer's Website. The price of a single copy is 249 US dollars. Software resellers and volume buyers should inquire about special discounts. Evaluation version (21-days trial period) can be downloaded from