Insure Your Data: Atomikos Releases Version 1.30 of TransactionsJTA

April 1, 2004 -- Do you have a Web site or any other software that integrates with your company databases? Do you have a guarantee that a Web site crash will not affect your data integrity? Atomikos' TransactionsJTA makes sure that the integrity and consistency of your information is preserved, even in the unfortunate event of a crash.

Atomikos has been developing transaction management software (or 'reliability software' as they themselves sometimes call it) for years and supplies products and services to some of the world's leading EAI/EII vendors. Their products and expertise help you ensure that your mission-critical information stays both up-to-date and self-consistent.

"Many people assume that so-called new technologies -- such as applications based on J2EE -- are reliable all the time. While in theory this is certainly possible, in practice there are many reasons why things can go wrong" says Guy Pardon, CTO at Atomikos. For instance, what happens if you process a shipment order in the shipping database, record the invoice data in the customer database and then get an error such as a bug, a network failure or even a Web site crash? Will you have just an invoice, or just send the goods, both, or none?

"Many J2EE (Java Enterprise) and J2SE (Java for the desktop) applications have essentially no guarantee at all," Pardon says. "If you think this is scary, just imagine what this will be if Web services are used to connect partners, and if each database suddenly becomes a Web service hosted by a different company."

Atomikos' TransactionsJTA allows Java applications (J2SE and J2EE) to be made reliable in this area: either you get both an invoice and a shipment or none of these -- nothing of the "in-betweens" that cause either vendor or customer frustration. For their newest release, Atomikos has teamed up with FirstSQL ( to provide a complete J2SE and J2EE solution available for download and on CD.

According to Pardon, "Atomikos' JTA software manages transactions across JDBC (and JMS) connections. For our release 1.30, we were looking for a Java RDBMS to ship with our demo, but most Java RDBMS vendors don't implement the necessary XA functionality (which is optional in JDBC). FirstSQL is one of the very few to offer this enterprise-readiness as part of their product, and also the one we liked best. We are very excited about their product and our collaboration."

You can ask Atomikos to help your new integration projects succeed or to review your existing projects for reliability, or just download and use the software, which is free for developers, and pay-per-use for production.

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