Backup Express 2.2 Offers Innovation, Flexibility and Manageability for Superior Data Protection

Innovative technology delivers unique benefits for heterogeneous enterprise networks

Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, April 5, 2004 - Syncsort Incorporated is pleased to announce the release of its newest version of Backup Express, the high-performance enterprise data protection solution with innovative technology and manageability for UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments.

Backup Express 2.2, the latest, significantly enhanced version of the powerful backup and restore product offers enhancements to the already proven solution. Some highlights of the new features include advances in the Graphical User Interface (GUI), catalog operation, NDMP support, device management, log collection, auto-configuration and snapshot support, as well as the addition of the Backup Express Advanced Protection Manager. Scott Gelb of Insight Investments testified to the value added by the two components of the Advance Protection Manager, explaining, "Both the Express Image feature and the Network Appliance SnapVault Ā® management offer significant functionality gains, and place Backup Express ahead of many other backup and restore products. Both features delivered as promised and provided high-performance execution."

"The new Backup Express 2.2 introduces the next generation of data protection technology to provide customers with the most flexible, easiest to manage and highest performing enterprise backup-restore solution, " said Dan Regan, Syncsort's executive vice president.

Advanced Browser-based GUI
Backup Express's browser-based GUI, provides flexible control of all functions. Multiple function windows can be open simultaneously, making it possible to run, manage, and monitor functions in parallel, including multiple device functions, library operations and backup jobs. The GUI's appearance can be easily modified to suit individual needs and is web-deployed, simplifying client upgrades.

Backup Express Advanced Protection Manager
Express Image for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 provides high-performance image-based volume-level snapshot backup with full or file-level restore for base, incremental, and differential backups. Online applications continue to use the file system, unaffected by the backup. Only allocated blocks are backed up, dramatically reducing backup and restore time. Backup performs at raw-disk speeds, even for volumes containing many small files. Express Image is also supported for base backup on Solaris 2.8+ with UFS. Network Appliance (NetApp) SnapVault management provides seamless file backup from filers and other primary systems to NetApp NearStore through the Backup Express GUI. Support for NetApp Open Systems SnapVaultĀ® (OSSV) provides backup of Windows NT/2000/2003, AIX, HP-UX, SGI-IRIX, Solaris, and Redhat Linux.

Enhanced Snapshot Support
The enhanced snapshot feature provides logical open file backup for both clustered and non-clustered nodes. Snapshot functionality is controlled through the Backup Express GUI, which provides job-level options. Snapshot is supported for NetWare 6.5 and Windows NT/2000/2003 through the Backup Express open file facility.

Backup Express Catalog and Device Management
High-performance catalog condense dramatically speeds condense operations and reduces space required for the catalog. The Early Drive Release option immediately releases for other jobs any unused drives and drives allocated to suspended jobs. Optimized device selection, in conjunction with the Early Drive Release option, prioritizes drives based on local SAN path and media availability. Device paths unreachable during a job run will not be reused for the duration of the job, and devices brought online or newly added are immediately available to a backup job. Centralized device monitoring displays device status in real time. Devices on a SAN can be automatically SCSI reserve/released. This feature is supported for Windows, NetWare, Solaris, HP-UX, OSF, and Linux.

Auto-configuration, which creates a working Backup Express enterprise by configuring nodes, devices and media, is now run optionally from the Backup Express program group on Windows or from the UNIX command line. All nodes that are not device servers are automatically added to a single node group. Any empty node groups, device clusters and unassigned media are removed.

NDMP Backup and Restore
NDMP Performance is enhanced through concurrent processing; multiple volumes can be backed up simultaneously to multiple drives. Node groups level simplify job definitions and volumes added to a filer can be automatically backed up without modifying job definitions. NDMP jobs, options and nodes are displayed separately from non-NDMP jobs in the GUI, and restore display is now volume-centric.

About Backup Express

Backup Express is a high-performance enterprise data protection solution with innovative technology and manageability for UNIX, Windows, Linux and NetWare environments. Backup Express is the only solution that integrates heterogeneous snapshot, image and rapid recovery options, supports any combination of UNIX, Windows, NetWare, Linux and NDMP/NAS in a SAN, performs backup of all data directly across the fibre network, dynamically shares all drives, supports all NDMP incrementals, and controls this entire enterprise environment with a single catalog and browser-based GUI. Backup Express's distributed architecture allows it to utilize any storage device in the network regardless of platform. For more information, please visit

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