Avnet Enterprise Solutions Launches NetSafe Intrusion Prevention Starter Kit

Intrusion prevention pilot offers threat protection from Internet worms

TEMPE, Ariz., April 8, 2004 -- Avnet Enterprise Solutions has launched the Avnet NetSafe Intrusion Protection Starter Kit designed to help enterprises block Internet worms and viruses before they even get started. This, in turn, helps to eliminate security risks and reduce a company's operational costs related to patch management and other non-strategic IT functions. In Cisco Systems White Paper, "The Return on Investment for Network Security", it states that a company with 1,000 nodes that becomes infected by malicious code can endure an economic impact of $400,000.

Based on the Cisco Security Agent (CSA) host intrusion prevention software, the Avnet NetSafe Intrusion Prevention Starter Kit offers companies a cost effective way to evaluate and develop their endpoint security strategy before deploying across the entire enterprise.

To ensure a company's mission-critical endpoints -- server and desktop computing systems -- are protected, the Avnet NetSafe Intrusion Protection Starter Kit includes:

  • CiscoWorks 2000 VPN Management System (VMS) Basic Edition (10 desktop CSAs and one server CSA)

  • Server security policy assessment

  • VMS/CSA administration training

  • CSA log file review and analysis

  • Electronic Vulnerability Assessment for up to five servers

  • Ability to scale CSA to thousands of servers and desktops

  • ROI Assessment

"The constant threat of Internet worms infecting e-mails and costing companies hours of user downtime makes it virtually impossible for IT staffs to win the patch management race," said Jim Teter, Avnet Enterprise Solutions president. "Defending the network requires a whole new approach to anti-virus, and our Avnet NetSafe Intrusion Protection Starter Kit offers our customers a new way to lock down their endpoints."

The Intrusion Prevention Starter Kit is the latest offering within Avnet NetSafe IT Security Solutions, a portfolio of IT security solutions designed to help small to medium-sized enterprises negotiate the delicate balance between user productivity and network security. Avnet NetSafe comprises the assessment services to identify network vulnerabilities along with the hardware and software solutions designed to defend the IT infrastructure without compromising user access.

For further information on the Avnet NetSafe Intrusion Protection Starter Kit, call 800-442-8638 or visit http://www.es.avnet.com/solutions/network/index.asp

About Avnet Enterprise Solutions

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