Databeacon Announces Support for Microsoft Analysis Services

Mid-market organizations now able to create self-serve interactive reports and drive more insight from data by leveraging investments in Microsoft Analysis Services

OTTAWA, ON APRIL 13, 2004 Databeacon Inc., a leading developer of Web reporting and data analysis software, today announced support for Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Analysis Services. The new release enables mid-market enterprises to leverage their existing investments in Microsoft Analysis Services to gain more insight from corporate data reports and make better business decisions with Databeacon's interactive, easy-to-use data publishing tools and Insight viewer.

"Companies like Databeacon, share Microsoft's commitment to delivering quality solutions to our customers," said David Willis, Director of Small and Mid-Market, Solutions & Partners, Microsoft Canada Co. "We are thrilled that Databeacon is now supporting Microsoft Analysis Services to help customers get more out of their organization's data and make informed business decisions."

Retrieving, analyzing, and aggregating large amounts of historical data can consume extensive time and resources. With Microsoft® SQL Server(TM) Analysis Services, a complete, end-to-end platform for analysis, including online analytical process OLAP features and data mining, users can analyze data with speed and flexibility. However, most mid-market organizations have limited skills or funds to turn that data into an interactive format that is easily understood by everyone in the organization.

Alabama-based Compass Bank uses Databeacon software with its existing Microsoft Analysis Services to create reports for its Siebel Call Centre application to track the metrics of number of calls, by day, by hour, by service request type, and by query method. Previously, to create reports based on that data, it took two days. Now, with Databeacon, employees can view and analyze data in real time. Additionally, the user-friendly presentation formats of the Databeacon reports shed new light on the data which enables employees to quickly identify trends or issues they were not aware of previously.

"Before, we had a number of user interfaces that we had built in house basically just glamorized spreadsheets. When we found Databeacon, we were amazed at the end-user experience it offered," said Duncan Lamb, Vice President for Database Technology at Compass Bank. "Databeacon sells itself as soon as you connect it to an Analysis Services cube the software is easy to use, visually impressive and allowed us to give context to the information we're analyzing. Databeacon is the killer app we were looking for."

"By supporting Microsoft Analysis Services, Databeacon offers 100-to-1000-employee organizations a low-cost solution to publish user-friendly, interactive reports that take advantage of Microsoft's Analysis Services infrastructure," said Andy Coutts, President and CEO of Databeacon. "Instead of helping the few business analyst employees who are trained to use Analysis Services, Databeacon enables any operational manager with a browser and a need to know, to get more insight out of their data, which will drive better decision making throughout the organization. We also believe this product offering can attract more reseller and ISV partners to Databeacon from the Microsoft community."

Technology Platform Availability

Databeacon software is available for Windows 95, 98, NT, Millenium, 2000 and XP; Linux, Unix AIX, HP-UX and Solaris; standard Web servers with CGI support such as Apache 2.0+ or MS IIS 4+; and MS Internet Explorer 5.0+ and Netscape Navigator 4.7+ Web browsers.

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