Reflectent EdgeSight 3.0 Helps IT Reduce Risks of Software Changes

Proactive analysis and problem diagnosis for improved reliability and end-user experience

Lowell, Mass., April 14, 2004-Reflectent Software, Inc., a leader in End-user Systems Management(TM) software, today announced the immediate availability of EdgeSight™ 3.0. This latest release gives IT organizations real-time impact analysis and reporting capabilities to proactively reduce the risk and costs associated with deploying new operating systems, software upgrades and patches to departments or the entire enterprise--while increasing desktop reliability, access to business critical applications, and the overall end-user experience. EdgeSight 3.0 also provides advanced problem diagnosis as well as improved deployment and ease-of-use enabling IT to centrally manage all of their applications and end-user systems. “EdgeSight gives IT organizations an understanding of how software changes will impact desktops and applications before the changes are actually deployed so IT can proactively manage rollouts and minimize risk,” says Howie Markson, Vice President of Product Marketing, Reflectent Software. “Because EdgeSight collects run-time data and is scalable to support even the largest organizations, the product provides a true assessment of the success of software changes to distributed desktops throughout a business unit or an entire enterprise. No other management solution gives IT this intelligent, real-time data to manage end-user applications and systems from the end-user’s perspective.”

“We’re particularly impressed with EdgeSight 3.0’s unique ability to understand the impact of deploying a patch or a new operating system before we actually roll it out, giving us the opportunity to anticipate challenges and to plan accordingly,” says Ethan Fener, Associate Director of Application Development, Partners Healthcare. Fener adds, “We operate in a very large and complex environment. EdgeSight gives us the visibility we need to reduce the business risks associated with software changes in our distributed infrastructure and enables us to proactively manage the end-user desktop.”

EdgeSight 3.0 New Features

  • Impact Analysis--shows which applications, users, and business units will be impacted by a new patch or software change before the deployment takes place. EdgeSight run-time data collection identifies every application that uses a component or dynamic link library (.dll) improving the effectiveness of test and development cycles, reducing the business risk and determining patch effectiveness after the change is deployed

  • Migration Analysis-- delivers pre- and post-OS rollout comparison reports on application, system and network performance and availability; highlights top issues and shows trending information. This enables intelligent phased rollouts that are based on real-time metrics and aligns IT with business needs

  • Enterprise Reboot Metric--serves as a key metric of system or application problems that often go unreported, and shows user initiated and unexpected shutdowns. This data provides IT with a critical metric to properly measure application and system availability, as well as establish a true understanding of end-user issues

  • Active Network Monitoring--includes support for scalable, proactive network monitoring. Along with EdgeSight’s unique passive network monitoring capabilities, IT can now configure a subset of devices across a LAN/WAN to proactively monitor the most critical network services and alert administrators before a critical network problem occurs

  • Hardware Monitoring--provides real-time notification of the addition or removal of a plug and play device, such as a storage device or modem--allowing IT to be proactive regarding compliance issues Active Directory (AD) Integration--provides enhanced management capabilities through integrated Active Directory security and sign-on. EdgeSight agents can now seamlessly follow AD Organizational Units for enhanced reporting and integration. EdgeSight 3.0 is available now through Reflectent Software or an authorized reseller

EdgeSight 3.0 is available now through Reflectent Software or an authorized reseller.

About Reflectent Software

Reflectent Software, Inc. develops enterprise scalable end-user systems management software that provides IT with an integrated, real-time view of enterprise applications from the end-user's perspective. Using EdgeSight, companies like Morgan Stanley, Brown Brothers Harriman and Partners HealthCare reduce the total cost of ownership of connected, mobile, and heterogeneous end-user devices and applications by pinpointing problems between networks, servers and desktops. This results in increased application uptime and availability, automation of labor-intensive processes, consolidation of underutilized applications and the proactive management of mission-critical business applications at the desktop. EdgeSight is available through Reflectent Software or its authorized partners and distributors. Visit for more information.


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