Allora Exchanges XML Data with Relational Databases

San Jose, California - April 27, 2004 - HiT Software, a leading developer of standards-based products for relational database access, announced today that the company has joined Sun Microsystems' Java(TM) Studio Partner program and that Allora, an extension to the Sun Java(TM) Studio integrated development environment (IDE), is available now. HiT Software's Allora complements Sun Java Studio to provide customers with easy-to-use GUI wizards that can map any relational database to any XML schema in just a few steps. Allora spares independent software vendors, system integrators and developers in general from time consuming and complicated programmatic tasks.

Using the wizards provided by Allora, the Sun Java Studio community can easily import or export XML data from and to any relational database. With XML being quickly adopted as the preferred data format for exchanging information, more and more XML documents are being decomposed and stored in scalable and high-performance relational databases. HiT Software Allora spares the developer from tedious XML-RDB coding and allows instant interoperability between databases and external applications via XML at minimum cost.

"Sun Java Studio users working with XML and databases will quickly realize that Allora saves a great deal of time in integrating these two worlds," said Giacomo Lorenzin, CEO of HiT Software. "Tasks requiring a developer weeks of programming can be accomplished by Allora in a few hours, offering tremendous flexibility when dealing with multiple XML schemas."

"As XML is becoming a standard for data exchange in business-to-business and business-to-consumer communication, Sun Java Studio developers are confronted with the challenging task of mapping complicated XML schemas to database structures," said Jeff Anders, group marketing manager for tools at Sun Microsystems. "Using Allora with Sun Java Studio gives the Java development community an effective way to quickly achieve XML-RDB data integration." Sun Java Studio

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HiT Software, Inc.

HiT Software is a leading developer of standards-based products for relational database access. HiT Software products include Allora XML-RDB run-time transformation middleware, DBMoto data replication, SQL middleware products for IBM DB2 access, and SafeConduct for secure Internet and intranet communications. Founded in 1994, HiT Software is based in San Jose, California, and is a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). HiT Software products are sold and serviced worldwide by the HiT Software direct sales team, international subsidiaries, and authorized channel partners. Additional information is available at, by sending e-mail to, or by calling (408) 345-4001.

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