Intersperse Releases Industry's First Solution for Comprehensive Management of SOA Applications

Intersperse Manager 2.3 offers complete management of SOA applications deployed on the WebLogic platform

Pasadena, CA - April 29, 2004 - Intersperse, Inc., a leading provider of management solutions for service-oriented enterprise applications, today announced version 2.3 of Intersperse Manager(tm), the industry's first solution targeting the management needs of next-generation J2EE and SOA-based applications. With 2.3, system architects and operational personnel can utilize the latest in non-invasive management standards, such as JMX, to dynamically manage their applications deployed on BEA WebLogic Platform.

Release 2.3 extends Manager's monitoring and management capabilities beyond the standard BEA WebLogic Server environment into the complete BEA platform, including visibility into the WebLogic Portal and the WebLogic Integration Server environments.

Intersperse Manager is a distributed, production-management solution that provides whole-system visibility and real-time control over an enterprise's distributed or service-oriented application environments. By managing and monitoring up and down the application stack and across integrated business applications, Intersperse Manager delivers significantly increased system performance and availability.

"As enterprises continue to add new SOA-based applications, they are finding it increasingly difficult to effectively monitor and manage their growing distributed and integrated application environments," said Martin Milani, chief technology officer of Intersperse. "More and more organizations are embracing service-oriented architectures, and they are finding that the BEA technology stack has one of the best solutions in the market. As these new, mission-critical, J2EE-based SOA applications roll into production, enterprises are discovering that they need solutions tailored to deliver SOA application management. Intersperse provides that solution. Intersperse's strength has always been its ability to marry management of integration technologies with management of applications, hence perfectly suited for management of SOA applications."

Among the other new features of Intersperse Manager 2.3 is the official release of the SLA (service-level agreement) Compliance Module, which compiles key performance metrics across an entire environment and builds a single measurement of SLA compliance. Also included is enhanced functionality for alerting system architects and operation personnel of potential hazards within the environment - while enabling them to establish rules that proactively self-correct these issues in the future.


Intersperse Manager 2.3 is available today.

About Intersperse, Inc.

Intersperse Manager is the leading provider of management solutions for service-oriented enterprise applications. Manager is the first and only management tool designed to help master the rapidly growing complexity of SOA business systems. It gives developers, operators, and analysts a comprehensive view of all relevant tiers, the ability to proactively monitor and analyze system performance in business contexts, and the control to automatically or directly correct problems in the production environment. Users can visualize not only application services, but also the ways in which those services are expected to perform, ensuring compliance with previously established service-level agreements (SLAs).