Entuity Delivers Integrated Performance, Availability, and Resource Management Solution with Eye of the Storm™ 3.5

New York, NY & London, UK -- May 3, 2004 -- Entuity Inc., the developer of holistic network management solutions for the enterprise, today announced Eye of the Storm 3.5 (EYE) -- an integrated performance, availability and resource management solution that gives IT professionals a single, comprehensive product to manage these critical disciplines. EYE 3.5 combines its historical management information data store with its unparalleled reporting capabilities, FLEX Reports™, offering a true alignment between business groups and the IT organization. Entuity is exhibiting at the upcoming N+I, booth 2502, and is conducting one-on-one meetings with prospects, media and analysts at the show. Visit Entuity N+I to schedule a meeting.

EYE 3.5 stores real-time data in a single repository and, from this source, enables IT management to easily generate FLEX Reports that support service level management and business critical decisions. EYE 3.5 also supports Service Assurance Agent (SAA), a standard Cisco device performance probe to support end-to-end availability, latency and jitter between any two points across the network.

“EYE of the Storm is well known for its ease-of-use and immediate return on investment,” says Bill Tracy, Vice President of Product Strategy, Entuity. Tracy emphasized, “EYE 3.5 preserves those critical management and reporting values and introduces a new and powerful reporting system, FLEX Reports. FLEX Reports combines the value of our integrated performance, availability, and resource database with a report definition and query system to truly empower users to get the information they need and present it in a way that suits their particular organization and business processes.” Tracy adds, “FLEX Reports puts all the content and value of our historical database at our users’ fingertips, whether performing an on-demand inventory or asset query, or designing a scheduled performance and availability report, or anything in between.”

"EYE has a unique combination of integrated functional versatility and ease of deployment that, with minimal administration, has demonstrated strong value in a number of customer environments," said Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates. "One of the interesting examples is the new FLEX Reports - that depend on richly integrated data and consistent analytics to support on-demand queries. In other words, flexibility and integration from an architectural perspective is now mapped in real-time to flexibility in user choice for visualization."

EYE 3.5, New Features

  • FLEX Reports: These unique and customizable reports can be easily and instantly generated on-demand or at scheduled intervals, all from within an easy-to-use web interface. Reporting criteria and formatting requirements can be entered using an URL or command line interface. Output may be generated in HTML, PDF, CSV or XML formats, allowing easy integration with other products.

  • Service Assurance Measurement: Many of the popular Cisco devices are instrumented with a built-in performance agent called SAA, or Service Assurance Agent. EYE 3.5 offers integration with the SAA probes including: Echo, UDP, TCP, HTTP, DNS, Jitter, and DHCP. As a result EYE can, for example, measure end-to-end availability, latency and jitter between any two points across the network. Probes can be configured to highlight unacceptable levels of performance that might affect sensitive applications such as VoIP and real-time video streaming.

  • Security Enhancements: Improved user-based security for EYE’s Component Viewer and Report Center, with automatic logoff after a period of inactivity, automatic password expiry, and the option to lock accounts after a number of failed attempts to logon.

Other Key Functionality

  • Agent-less discovery of network infrastructures including up to the minute, accurate usage statistics

  • Knowledge of hundreds of devices, their key performance metrics, and properties (port, VLAN module, serial number, OS, firmware, revision, chassis information, etc.)

  • Extensive, real-time monitoring of the entire network

  • Powerful analytics that automatically isolate true cause problems and provide early warning of degrading performance to prevent costly service interruptions

  • Customizable display and alerts that get the right data to the right person in real-time

EYE 3.5 is available early this summer through Entuity and its authorized partners. EYE supports Windows 2000, Windows XP and Solaris operating systems. Entuity will support Linux RedHat in Q3 2004. EYE pricing ranges from $50,000+ U.S., for smaller enterprise installations, to seven figures for larger enterprises. Pricing includes the server component and other management services.

About Entuity, Inc.

Entuity provides holistic network management solutions and maximizes the technology investments of the enterprise, delivering ROI after only hours of deployment. Entuity's Eye of the Storm (EYE) offers the only comprehensive network management solution that provides the triple advantage of performance, availability and resource management through one sleek interface. EYE discovers, manages, and maps network assets to the applications that power the business, while delivering robust real-time reporting to proactively manage networks, drive SLA negotiations and prevent problems that impact the business. EYE is easy to adopt as the centerpiece of an integrated network management strategy or as an essential complement to an existing infrastructure. Visit http://www.entuity.com or email info@entuity.com for more information.


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