New Mission-Critical Servers from Augmentix Corp

Deliver up to twice the performance of competing systems for as little as half the price

HOUSTON - May 17, 2004 - Augmentix Corp. today unveiled a new line of mission-critical servers for applied computing applications that offer up to twice the performance of competing systems for as little as half the price.

Augmentix has changed the economics of mission-critical computing by enhancing state-of-the-art commercial servers for greater environmental resilience, reliability and ease of servicing. Competing systems are built from scratch, often with components that are a full generation behind those found in standard, commercial models. By contrast, Augmentix starts with systems that employ the most current processors, drives and other components.

"We've engineered an innovative and cost-effective solution for applications that require a high level of robustness, reliability and serviceability, and for companies that want state-of-the-art technology that's been previously unavailable to applied computing markets," said Chris Melson, Augmentix President and CEO. "This is what the market has been telling us is needed in today's value-conscious business climate."

Augmentix's initial NEBS- and ETSI-compliant server products - the Augmentix A+750 and Augmentix A+1750 models - are based on the PowerEdge 750 and PowerEdge 1750 servers from Dell. Both models are engineered to deliver leading-edge performance for demanding applications in markets such as communications, industrial automation, medical imaging and the military. Initial customer shipments are slated for the third quarter.

In addition to the Augmentix A+ server line, the company also announced the industry's first hardware and software solutions for automated and unified management of heterogeneous server environments.

The Augmentix A+Server Availability Management Processor (A+SAMP) card is designed for sophisticated platform management of installations requiring high availability, lights out management, or streamlined remote maintenance actions.

The Augmentix A+HPI software is based on the Service Availability Forum Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specification. The A+HPI software enables cross-platform management of heterogeneous server environments from a single, consistent application interface.

Both the A+SAMP and A+HPI products are included in all Augmentix servers and can also be used for managing Dell, HP, IBM and/or Intel systems, enabling out-of-band management access to these servers for reliable "lights-out" system availability management.

"Augmentix products combine an ingenious idea with solid engineering implementation - it sounds simple to re-package standard servers for applied computing applications, but it is not easy in practice," said David Paul, Director of Business Development at Suntron Corp., a systems integration and design firm. "Augmentix servers and system management solutions are a unique and elegant answer to our clients' applied computing challenges."

In addition to producing servers and system management products, Augmentix provides innovative services to its customers, including pre-deployment level 3 engineering support, customized engineering solutions, proactive engineering change notification, 7x24 technical support, configuration control and end-of-life inventory management, and integration of customer-provided and qualified third-party components and software.

Augmentix's management team consists of industry veterans from Texas Micro, RadiSys and Tandem, with decades of collective experience in applied computing and high-availability product development and marketing. The company has received $3 million in initial funding from Austin Ventures.

Product Specifications, Pricing and Availability

Augmentix A+1750 server:
  -  Based on Dell PowerEdge 1750
  -  2U high, 20" deep rack-mount package
  -  3.06 GHz Xeon single or dual processors
  -  Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  -  Hardware RAID 5 w/ULTRA III hot swap SCSI drives
  -  Three SCSI Disk ULTRA III drives with up to 438GB Capacity
  -  6 PCI expansion slots
  -  Redundant hot swap power (AC and DC)
  -  NEBS and ETSI compliant
  -  Pricing starts at $3,999
  -  Available in the third quarter of 2004

Augmentix A+750 server:
  -  Based on Dell PowerEdge 750
  -  1U high, 21" deep rack-mount package
  -  Single 3
  - 4 GHz Pentium IV processor
  -  Dual Gigabit Ethernet
  -  Hardware RAID w/hot swap SCSI drives
  -  Up to 500GB SATA or 292GB SCSI disk capacity
  -  2 PCI expansion slots
  -  Redundant hot swap power
  -  NEBS and ETSI compliant
  -  Pricing starts at $1,999
  -  Available in the third quarter of 2004

Augmentix A+SAMP card
  -  Half-card PCI form factor
  -  Low power (15W)
  -  Internal or external +12V power source
  -  Pricing starts at $599 (including A+HPI software)
  -  Available in the second quarter of 2004

Augmentix A+HPI software package
  -  Based on the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface (HPI) specification
  -  Pricing starts at $99 per server
  -  Available now

About Augmentix Augmentix Corp. develops server and system management hardware and software solutions for applied computing applications that reduce the cost of mission-critical computer systems. Designed for demanding applications in communications, industrial automation, medical and government markets, Augmentix's A+ servers are enhanced versions of top-tier industry standard Intel-based servers, featuring state-of-the-art components and modified for greater environmental resilience, reliability, expandability and serviceability. Augmentix also produces server management hardware and software solutions for managing heterogeneous server environments.

More information on Augmentix and the company's products is available at or by calling (713) 271-2700, ext. 300.


Augmentix, A+1750, A+750, A+Server Availability Management Processor, A+SAMP and A+HPI are trademarks of Augmentix Corporation. Dell and PowerEdge are trademarks of Dell Inc.