New Systinet Tools For SOAs

Systinet Gateway, Systinet UDDI Registry, and Systinet Server for Java & C++ provide industry’s first Web services building blocks for mission-critical SOAs

Systinet, a leading independent provider of software for creating service-oriented architectures (SOAs), today announced the immediate availability of Systinet Gateway 1.0, Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0, and Systinet Server for Java 5.0 and C++ 5.0, a family of products that provides the fundamental building blocks for IT organizations to develop and implement SOAs for mission-critical business applications. Systinet’s new products are the industry’s first to support Web services for multiple messaging-oriented middleware (MOM), the latest UDDI Version 3 specification, and new standards like WS-ReliableMessaging, enabling SOAs that for the first time are highly interoperable, reliable and cost effective. Systinet also today announced the appointment of Thomas Erickson, an industry leading Web services and application integration executive from webMethods, as CEO.

Service-oriented architectures are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing business environment by accelerating the development, deployment and interoperability of enterprise and interenterprise applications that might include provisioning a new supplier, or providing major enhancements to financial applications in far less time than today’s proprietary middleware systems. Systinet’s new products address the need for SOAs to leverage existing applications, providing architects and developers with the capability to extend and reuse all Web services across the entire infrastructure and to ensure mission-critical reliability.

“IT organizations, across a wide variety of industries, including our customers at Société Générale, Motorola and the U.S. Department of Defense are shifting from creating simple Web services to developing SOAs for the enterprise and beyond,” said Thomas Erickson, newly appointed CEO, Systinet. “Systinet provides the essential standards-based building blocks to create SOAs that feature seamless interoperability, unparalleled reliability and investment protection. IT organizations can now move beyond prototyping an SOA to actual development and deployment and be assured of meeting changing business needs for competitive advantage.”

About the New Products

Systinet has announced four products for creating service-oriented architectures. Systinet Gateway 1.0 is a new product, while Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0, Systinet Server for Java 5.0 and Systinet Server for C++ 5.0 are new versions of Systinet’s former WASP products.

Systinet Gateway 1.0

Systinet Gateway 1.0 is the industry’s first product that reliably extends and bridges proprietary message-oriented middleware (MOM) products, like TIBCO Rendezous, IBM WebSphereMQ (formerly MQ Series), SonicMQ and any other JMS-based solution, to support any standards-based Web services endpoint. It supports end-to-end reliable communications, message persistence and multiple messaging patterns, along with interoperability with any commercial or open-source Web services application server, including Microsoft .NET, BEA WebLogic, and Apache AXIS. For example, Société Générale’s Debt & Finance business unit is using Systinet Gateway to enable the company to go to market with new financial services products quickly, easily and cost-effectively, while leveraging and protecting its investment in existing back-end systems.

Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0

The new 5.0 release of Systinet UDDI Registry (formerly WASP UDDI), enables developers to publish, discover and reuse Web services enterprise-wide. Systinet UDDI Registry is the industry’s most feature-complete and platform-independent registry based on industry standards. Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0 is also the first to provide full support for the latest OASIS V3 specification, which includes new functionality to build mission-critical SOAs using advanced search, authentication, business policy management and automatic notifications of changes to Web services. For example, the U.S. Department of Defense is using the Systinet UDDI Registry to register and manage Web services that support distributed logistics and field operations worldwide.

Systinet Server for Java 5.0 and Systinet Server For C++ 5.0

The new 5.0 release of Systinet Server for Java (formerly WASP Server for Java), is a platform-independent server for creating Java Web services, and the first product to fully support reliable messaging using the WS-ReliableMessaging standard. Reliable message delivery is a fundamental requirement for many mission-critical business applications – for example, ensuring payroll information is processed once and only once. Until now, ensuring reliability for distributed applications required extensive custom coding or buying complex and proprietary application integration technology. Now, standards-based Web services can be used to solve these integration challenges at a fraction of the cost. In addition, the combination of Systinet Gateway 1.0 and Systinet Server for Java 5.0 provides end-to-end reliability between Web services and any application connected to a message-oriented middleware system.

The new 5.0 release of Systinet Server for C++ (formerly WASP Server for C++), is the industry’s highest performance Web services server for C/C++ applications and the first to provide a comprehensive security framework, including full support for WS-Security. Using Systinet Server for C++ allows the creation of highly secure Web services applications that are easy to configure and deploy. Systinet Server for C++ is the most widely deployed solution for creating C/C++ Web services, with users including, imClone and Unisys.

“Architects, IT managers and developers are ready to design, develop and implement SOAs enterprise-wide, but they require industrial strength interoperability, reliability and investment protection to meet their organization’s business needs,” said Roman Stanek, Systinet founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Systinet is today delivering on its vision of providing the industry’s first standards-based SOA building blocks that enable complete interoperability of the entire infrastructure through Systinet Gateway, while extending and reusing all Web services through the Systinet UDDI Registry and our Systinet Server Java and C++ products.”

Pricing and Availability

All products are immediately available. Systinet Gateway 1.0 pricing begins at $25,000 per CPU. Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0 begins at $10,000 per CPU. Systinet Server for Java 5.0 and Systinet Server for C++ 5.0 start at $2,000 per CPU.