Plateau Team Content Enterprise E-Learning Authoring Platform

Plateau's rapid authoring environment lets employees with little or no content development experience create rich-media content, enhancing organizational readiness

ARLINGTON, VA - May 24, 2004 - Plateau Systems announced the availability of Plateau Team Content(tm), a platform that lets employees collaborate online and easily create rich-media learning content, with little or no training. Plateau Team Content bridges the gap between Authoring tools and traditional Learning Content Management Systems. It allows organizations to tap directly into the knowledge and expertise of employees, speeding the distribution of critical knowledge across the enterprise. Courses developed on Team Content can be deployed by Plateau 4 Learning Management System (LMS) or stored and managed in a dynamic online library of institutional knowledge.

Built on open, Web-based architecture, Plateau Team Content rounds out Plateau's broad suite of e-Learning offerings. This best-of-breed suite allows organizations to align their learning management, knowledge management and human capital management across the enterprise. Plateau OpenSuite(tm) now includes:

  • Plateau 4 Learning Management System

  • Plateau Virtual Learning

  • Plateau Business Intelligence

  • Plateau Team Content

Plateau Team Content melds courseware development and management into a seamless business process. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and other employees with mission-critical knowledge can utilize Team Content to collaboratively build e-Learning courseware in a simple-to-use online format. Plateau Team Content facilitates rapid response to change, allowing organizations to efficiently train employees on new product rollouts, initiate new corporate strategies and keep personnel up to date on evolving operating procedures.

"In our business, we often need to rapidly create and distribute time-sensitive learning content across a widely dispersed workforce," said Dan Marshall, project director of Xcel Energy's LMS department. "Plateau Team Content is an easy-to-use authoring platform that empowers everyone to quickly produce e-Learning content and distribute it whenever and wherever needed. It will significantly enhance our organizational readiness."

Plateau Team Content functionalities include:

  • Rapid creation of e-learning content in multiple formats, with no special training required

  • Templates for consistent course design and re-use

  • Team Roles for effectively and efficiently managing the enterprise content lifecycle

  • Rich Media including audio, video, and flash animation

  • Media Library for managing re-usable assets, learning objects and simulations

  • Metadata Dictionary for accurate tagging of content

  • Publishing directly to LMS, Web, CD-ROM, AICC, SCORM and other formats

Plateau Team Content specifically addresses a growing business requirement recently identified by several industry analysts. Businesses want to offer more online learning, but the time and cost associated with developing new content prevents them from doing so. They also don't have the in-house resources to mass-produce the amount of content needed across their enterprise. Because of this, businesses are looking for tools that allow SMEs and other employees with critical knowledge to rapidly develop rich media content at their desktops. "SME-authored content will become a big topic and companies will struggle to implement SME-authored processes," predicted Bersin & Associates in its "2004 Predictions for the e-Learning Industry."

"In our work with the largest e-Learning initiatives in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors, Plateau has seen a serious business gap in the capabilities of traditional LCMS and authoring tools," said Paul Sparta, Plateau's Chairman and CEO. "None of these applications allow people with critical knowledge to collaboratively create and disseminate rich-media learning material. Plateau Team Content bridges that gap, providing a platform for organizations to respond to change and meet their strategic business goals."

About Plateau

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