InforSense 1.9: Oracle Edition Now Shipping

Data mining software updated for Oracle 10g

London, UK, June 30th 2004 - InforSense Ltd. today announced that its innovative analytic environment for Oracle Data Mining, InforSense 1.9: Oracle Edition, is now shipping. By providing an open and highly flexible architecture coupled with an intuitive interface to the analytical functionality of Oracle Database 10g, including Oracle Data Mining, InforSense 1.9 enables analysts to rapidly build analytic processes and applications without programming.

The close integration of InforSense 1.9 with Oracle Database 10g means organizations can establish secure, scalable, extensible and high performance analytical infrastructures for scientific and business intelligence. Prior investment in Oracle Database technology can be utilized and enhanced by InforSense Open Discovery Workflow technology. Thus, InforSense offers a complete solution for managing the entire life cycle of an analytical process: building workflows to derive analytical results, evaluating and refining workflows, and deploying a validated workflow as a reusable application via the InforSense Portal. In addition, InforSense provides a unique workflow management system that captures an audit trail of workflow creation and execution.

In the Oracle Edition, the full range of Oracle Data Mining pre-processing and data mining functionality and the statistics in the database are linked with visualization and interpretation capabilities. By selecting the desired analytical components, analysts can easily compose Oracle functions as workflows that fit their requirements. Workflows can include ad hoc queries into databases, transformations and sophisticated data mining, and results display for rapid reporting and decision support. Deployed as web services or applications, these workflows provide timely analytics for non-analytical users to drive scientific and business decisions.

About InforSense

InforSense develops and markets next-generation discovery informatics platforms for individual researchers and analysts, cross-function teams and discovery enterprises based on its unique Open Discovery Workflow™ technology. For further information on InforSense products and solutions, visit