Dynamic Network Factory Introduces the FlexStor-NAS Server Series

Hardware for Windows Storage Server 2003 uses serial ATA technology

Hayward, CA-- Dynamic Network Factory announced the FlexStor NAS Server lineup today, which offers scalable, customizable solutions based on Microsoft's Windows™ Storage Server 2003 operating system.

The FlexStor lineup encompasses a variety of hard disk interfaces ranging from solid state disk, Ultra320 SCSI hard disks, parallel-ATA, to serial ATA hard disks. Each product comes standard with high-performance Intel processors and dual Ethernet connectivity with configurations starting under $1,600.

Microsoft's Window' Storage Server Platform offers integrated file, print and team collaboration services under an industry standard Windows-based interface. Within this familiar environment, administrators can manage all file management needs cost-effectively.

With the Volume Shadow Copy Service, with the "point-in-time" volume snapshots, WSS2003 can reduce backup window times. Using WSS2003 offers seamless integration into your existing network environment, with support for your existing antivirus and server management tools, with minimal training time. WSS2003 also has optional high availability clustering solutions and shares a common interface with other Windows-based products. With native support for Active Directory Services, as well as support for heterogeneous environments including Netware, Appletalk, SMB and NFS protocols, WSS works within a variety of environments.

"Many of customers have been looking for a convenient and familiar way to handle their storage needs, with the FlexStor lineup we are able to customize a convenient solution for customers of all sizes. Using the FlexStor system combined with Windows Storage Server 2003 allows organizations to integrate a networked file serving solution based on the industry-standard Windows interface. With our upcoming Hybrid Storage NetworkT (HSN) solution we will offer a flexible and convenient way for organizations of all sizes to integrate products like the FlexStor series, iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and gigabit Ethernet and the various storage types into a tailored solution," said Mo Tahmasebi, president and CEO of Dynamic Network Factory.

FlexStor-NAS products included integrated systems ranging from units supporting 2 internal drives to 24 internal drives in a single enclosure, and high-performance units with dedicated NAS engines and modular storage subsystems.

In the M4-SA16000F and M4-SA16320, the modular M4 NAS engine is a backbone for DNF's HSN system. The Engine features mirrored hard disks for reliability and maximum system uptime, single or dual processors for superior performance, as well as space to expand with direct-attached fibre channel or SCSI storage arrays.

With the M1-SA16320 and the M2-SA16320, Dynamic Network Factory expands its modular lineup, offering customers additional solutions with a dedicated NAS engine. The M1-SA16320 is ideal where space is at a premium; it offers a combination of stellar performance and a compact enclosure. The M2-SA16320 was designed for environments where performance, expandability and redundancy are key, with redundant hot-swap power supplies, and two hard disks dedicated to operating system redundancy. Each unit features storage ranging from 576GB to 12TB using high performance 10,000 RPM or standard serial ATA hard drives.

The FlexStor-NAS- 1600, in a convenient 3U chassis, offers storage ranging from 576GB to 4TB and possible expansion to 16TB when bundled with the Enterprise 16000 storage subsystems. The FlexStor-NAS 1200 maintains maximum uptime, with mirrored OS drives and with capacities scaling up to 3TB in a single unit; future expansion is available when combined with the Enterprise 16000, making the 1200 ideal for use in a variety of IT environments.

To round out the lineup, the FlexStor-NAS 400 offers up to 1TB of storage in a convenient 1U chassis, utilizing serial-ATA storage with a hardware RAID controller supporting levels 0, 1, 5, 10, and JBOD. The NAS 400 offers additional flexibility with optional SCSI controllers.

For more information regarding the additional interfaces in the lineup please visit the website. These products are available immediately, directly through Dynamic Network Factory, and channel resellers.

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