NetZyme® Ships Enterprise Version 6

"Any to Any" middleware integrates systems across platforms, protocols, and programming languages

SAN JOSE, CA-Creative Science Systems, Inc. today announced that it will begin shipping the latest version of its flagship product, NetZyme® Enterprise Version 6. NetZyme® Enterprise is an integration middleware that seamlessly integrates systems across platforms, protocols and programming languages. NetZyme® Enterprise can be operated on any version of Windows, any flavor of UNIX and Linux, and mainframes.

NetZyme® Enterprise resolves the toughest and most prevalent enterprise application integration (EAI) problem: the real time convergence of data between hardware, software, communication paradigms, as well as mobile and embedded devices. NetZyme® Enterprise is a fully extensible integration broker middleware that allows legacy applications to be transformed automatically, such that multiple distributed clients can access their data and functionality dynamically, bi-directionally, securely, in real time, and with mission critical reliability.

Unlike other middleware products, NetZyme® Enterprise fits into approximately 1 MB of space and provides complete interoperability between all versions of Java and ANSI C languages. This means, for example, that with NetZyme® Enterprise, C/C++ applications can access full EJB without intermediaries such as CORBA.

In spite of its extremely small footprint, NetZyme® Enterprise maintains large load capacity per CPU. It is capable of very fast client-server roundtrip through the database and has rapid developer learning curve.

The unique technology of NetZyme® Enterprise Version 6 is its Universal Messaging Bus (UMB), which facilitates publish/subscribe capabilities for all participating software environments regardless of their native environments. NetZyme® UMB facilitates seamless and full duplex data exchange capabilities between any messaging environments to any messaging environment and enables multiple heterogeneous middleware platforms provided by major vendors such as Microsoft, IBM, BEA, TIBCO and others to communicate with each other without changing any infrastructure.

NetZyme is a platform independent, enterprise-grade, integration middleware now fully supporting Mac OS 10 (both in Java and C/C++), QUALCOMM's BREW system, UMB (Universal Messaging Bus), Web services, SSL/TLS, Palm OS®, Microsoft Pocket PC® and other PDA platforms. It includes IDE/GUI for rapid development and it can be used to design and manage any .NET application.

"Our new version NetZyme® Enterprise for .NET has full functionality of SSL to enhance secure transactions as well as our existing authentication and authorization security mechanism. Also we have extended our wireless functionality to HandSpring, PocketPC, and PalmOS support," said Jacob Dreyband, CEO of Creative Science Systems. "Our Web services platform supports SOAP 1.2 and provides total solution for B2B integration infrastructure with our efficient application server engine in any .NET application," Jacob added. A graphical tool to generate and handle security keys and certificates including parts for C is also included.

Creative Science Systems is a developer of enterprise-grade integration middleware that allows real-time access to mission critical applications from anywhere. NetZyme® Product Line includes NetZyme® Enterprise Integration Middleware Suite, NetZyme® Enterprise Wireless Server, NetZyme® Enterprise Web Services Platform and NetZyme® J2EE/EJB Server.

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