Dieselpoint Search 3.0 Released

Company offers all-Java solution for finding information in documents, databases, and XML

Chicago, Illinois - July 19, 2004 - Dieselpoint today announced the next-generation version of Dieselpoint Search™, which provides a comprehensive all-Java solution to the problem of finding information in documents, databases, and XML.

With this new version, Dieselpoint continues its quest to lead the search software market in price, features, platform support and performance. The end result? Dieselpoint gives its users highly relevant search results that are not possible with either traditional search engines or SQL databases. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders get better and more meaningful answers faster.

In Dieselpoint Search 3.0, customers have access to a host of new features that will enhance their search implementations. A new graphical administrative interface makes it easy to add, modify, and query indexes. A new "forced rankings" feature makes it even easier to tweak relevance ranking and ensure that results are presented in the desired order. New crawler and scheduler features provide enhanced control.

Dieselpoint Search enables both search and navigation. It uses structured and semi-structured data where it exists - in database fields, XML tags, and document metadata - to build menus for users to follow, suggestions for where to go next, and options to narrow or broaden a search. Most search solutions do not offer such navigational features - rather, they simply present search results on a page.

Dieselpoint Search is attractively priced - starting at $4,995 per CPU licensing fee. Because the product is written entirely in Java, it runs under all major Java application servers and is fully portable across platforms - from mainframes to Unix to Windows to Mac. No other major search software provider offers an all-Java solution.

A fully functional version of Dieselpoint 3.0 is available for download at http://www.dieselpoint.com.

About Dieselpoint

Dieselpoint provides advanced search software for enterprise-class applications. For more information, visit http://www.dieselpoint.com.