LogLogic Ends Log Management Pain for IT Professionals

Log Lifecycle Management solution slashes network downtime and IT costs, improves corporate compliance

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. – July 26, 2004 – LogLogic introduced the world’s first Log Lifecycle Management solution. The LogLogic™ Log Lifecycle Management solution delivers significant productivity gains and cost savings for enterprise IT departments. LogLogic’s plug-and-play LX and ST appliances work together to make log data immediately accessible to IT organizations for fast analysis with customizable searches and flexible management reports, as well as secure long-term archival. Together the appliances create a complete solution to rapidly troubleshoot, isolate and remediate network security and utilization risks, improving overall network performance and availability, and protecting intellectual property.

“The market for data center log management is growing exponentially because large enterprises are actively looking for solutions,” said Paul Proctor, vice president, Security & Risk Strategies, at Meta Group. “Log analysis focuses on the logs as required by most regulations, unlike the security event management (SEM) space that focuses on events alone. We see increased interest in products and vendors emerging to address the end to end requirements of log data analysis, correlation, reporting and retention."

By focusing on ease-of-use and scalability, LogLogic products help enterprise IT organizations reduce the costs of log data management while improving network visibility and making valuable log data immediately actionable and insightful.

LX product family LogLogic’s LX family of log data collection and analyzer appliances provide enterprise security and IT teams with more visibility into high-volume log data for rapidly pinpointing and addressing network security and performance problems. The LX appliances collect and aggregate log data from syslog-compatible devices, giving network administrators immediate access to log data through fast, easy custom searches. Answers are produced in seconds or minutes, and administrators can search the data using regular expressions and other parameters through an intuitive, browser-based management interface.

Using the LX appliance’s automatic alerting feature, network administrators can pre-configure the LX appliance to send an e-mail alert to key individuals in an IT organization if pre-set thresholds are exceeded, signaling suspicious activity. Automatic alerts expedite problem resolution by warning administrators of potential network threats before they spread throughout the network.

ST Product Family

As part of LogLogic’s Log Lifecycle Management solution, the LogLogic ST appliances simplify, automate and reduce the cost of log data retention. With a simple drop-in deployment, the ST appliance automatically captures complete raw log data from any syslog-compatible device at any speed, preventing messages from being dropped, even during traffic spikes.

ST appliances hold up to two years of raw log data, eliminating the need for servers, tape libraries and database administrators. By reliably and securely collecting and retaining raw log data, ST appliances assist enterprise IT organizations in forensics analysis and meeting compliance regulations, and provide credible, unaltered log data for evidence in legal proceedings.

Pricing and Availability

LogLogic’s LX and ST appliances are now available at varying prices beginning at $19,995 and can be ordered from resellers located around the world. For product family specifications, please visit http://www.loglogic.com.

About LogLogic, Inc.

LogLogic makes Log Lifecycle Management appliances that provide high performance log data aggregation, analysis,and retention for enterprise IT departments. For more information, please visit http://www.loglogic.com.


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